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Fox Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, September 5, 2009 • Hindi ]
Fox Review
Tijori FilmsZee Telefilms Limited
Sunny Deol, Arjun Rampal, Sagarika Ghatge and Udita Goswami
Deepak Tijori
Monty Sharma

Hail you Bollywood! Post-recession phase seems to have inlayed the B-town with instantaneous transformations over the screens. Hit or flop: you've got to put these things aside and appreciate the adeptness of such moviemakers spelling new-fangled recitals.

It was much revealing with previous as well this weeks' multiple releases drawn out any innovative themes. On the pars, it really matters how audiences have perceived their deliverances. This sort of impedimenta stops these self-braggy flicks from getting categorized under `proficient shows'.

But, FOX takes off with a brilliant effort by Deepak Tijori for his convincing narration. Of course, it's more salient for an edge-of-seat thriller to have a sleek screenplay and this filmmaker scores 3.5/5 on it.

FOX centers on a young, successful criminal lawyer, Arjun Kapoor (Arjun Rampal) whose knowledge and aggressive interpretation of the law makes him a name to reckon with... He is reputed to have never lost a case and can get anyone acquitted, no matter what the crime. No wonder, then, criminals swear by his name.

Arjun loves being famous and successful and spends little time thinking about the moral issues related to his work. After years of saving criminals from punishment, one day, torn with guilt, he decides to quit his law practice and change for good. However, someone seems to be unwilling to let him go so easily.

Now, Arjun is in a race to save himself, and must use the help of his girlfriend Urvashi (Sagarika Ghatge) and a local Goa police officer Yash Deshmukh (Sunny Deol) before it's too late.

Filmmaker Deepak Tijori requires special mention. The screenplay is so gripping that it holds everything intact in places. Precisely, the narration is sleek on more parts. On the pars, Deepak looses out at few intervals. There isn't any need for songs where it throws down restlessness at parts. In terms, Fox has starts off with not-so interesting ingredients and slowly gets into the track. But things are let loose out of control once the on tenterhooks. Nigam Bomzan's cinematography looks spectacular with eye-catching visuals. Indeed, he adds more to the fast-paced moments with innovative placement of angles.

On the note of performances, Sunny Deol turns spotlifhts on his part. The actor gets along with a cool and controlled spell of show. Arjun Rampal strikes much with his casual act as in his previous films. But Udita Goswami's characterization is completely disappointing. Indeed, the actress fails to come up with a commendable show. Vipul Gupta makes a convincing start and has a long way to go ahead.

When it comes to mark the `final take', yes `FOX' has some interesting attributes to watch out for. For better, Deepak could've reworked on script and made it yet more convincingly.

Verdict: Kill your time on it.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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