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Fuddu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, October 14, 2016 • Hindi ]
Fuddu Review
Mahima Productions
Katrina Kaif, Sunny Leone, Sharman Joshi, Shubham, Swati Kapoor, Pradeep Gupta, Paritosh Sand, Pawan Kumar Sharma
Sunil Subramani
Pradeep Gupta


Our country is highly obsessed with films due to which there is a minimum one film releasing every week. The numbers grow more whenever there is a medium level of the film releasing.

Along, with these films, there are some B-grade films and some small films with lesser known actors. The latter ones sometimes surprises you with its content and film-making. Looking at the trailer of ‘Fuddu’, one might expect to see something different and entertaining, despite of not having a single known face attached to the film.


'Fuddu' is a story of Mohan (Shubham) who migrates from a small town to the metro city Mumbai. He shares a small room with his elder brothers (Pritosh Sand and Vikki Ahuja) and their families. After getting a decent job, Mohan's brother decides to tie his marital knot with Shalini (Swati Kapoor). Mohan is highly excited with his marriage, but at the same time also fears about sharing the same room after marriage with his brothers and their families. After marriage Mohan tries his level best to seek some privacy with his wife but fails miserably. This leads to grieve consciences.

The 'Glitz' Factor

The first half has loads of fun moments dealing with Shubham's struggle in Mumbai and married life. The scenes are short and simple due to which the fun quotient is constantly maintained. A couple of the songs are fun while other dilutes the flow of the film.

Director Sunil Subramani deserves a pat on his back to make such type of slice of the life type of film in today's glamorous times. He keeps the movie entertaining as well as simple to its base level due to which there are hardly any dull moments in the film. The theme and message given out here is wrong, but presented in a fine manner. It's a decent attempt from him with good performances and gripping screenplay.

Shubham is natural and does his part with total grace. He carries the film on his young shoulders with total ease. Swati Kapoor looks pretty and slides easily in her character. Pritosh Sand, Vikki Ahuja and others lend good support. None of the actors overacts in this movie, they are totally natural and perfect for their respective characters.

The 'Non-Glitz' Factor

The story is highly inspired and also has many frame to frame scenes similar to the scenes from Jaya Bhaduri's film 'Piya Ka Ghar'. It's just that the writers have presented it in today's times and have focused more on the physical intimacy issues.

If only there were few more emotionally strong scenes in the film, the impact would have been more hard-hitting and memorable.Sunny Leone and Sharman Joshi's cameo song in the end credits is wasted.

Final 'Glitz'

'Fuddu' is a light hearted fun film. The message attached to it might be wrong but on entertainment level the movie makes its right mark.

Rating: 3.00 / 5.0

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