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Gaali Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, December 21, 2013 • Kannada ]
Gaali Review
Jeevan, Roopa Nataraj, Biradar, Mohan Juneja, Anjanappa, Abhay and others.
Daniel Victory


The real life personal agenda is transformed in this film. That is of director Lucky. How he struggled to become a director is part of this film. The director taking on hero's role is also replica of another director cum actor of Kannada cinema.

`Gaali'(Wheel) give `Gaali' (Hindi word meaning scold) at places for the filmdom. At the same time director capitalizes on the veteran actor and directors in the beginning of his film with clips from their films. It seems director Lucky has gone desperate to do this film. He wanted to show a film is possible to do in minimum budget with maximum of brain work. He does the same in the film of `Gaali' (meaning wheel) and like `Wheel' washing powder he tries to wash away certain things. It is in his perspective of explanation for change in the film making.

Copying super star Upendra style at places director Lucky has brought a cinema inside the cinema to satisfy his ends. The bottleneck for director Lucky is that there are 20 plus mute for the dialogues and makes the first day crowd to scream in disappointment. The 10 minutes trailer is filled completely with double meaning. Censor has applied scissors for it is the reason for disappointment. This would have repercussion in getting you tube crowd to the theatres.

Jeevan `Jeeva' (life) is to become a director. He has come from village with a few subjects. Not able to find a right producer for his script the idea of his friend `Chocolate' that saved the life of a producer once gets a good going for Jeevan. On sympathy of saving the life producer agrees for Jeevan to direct his story. The going is not good as temperament of Jeevan reaches the boiling point with the star system in the industry. No he says for the hero and heroine. He takes up the mantle of hero. His friend Roopa becomes heroine. The film of his first script is completed in just Rs.35 lakhs. It is a super hit in the box office. Rs.15 crore earning for Jeevan film gives him a share of Rs.7.5 crores. Cool after winning Jeevan returns to agriculture of his native village. He announces the next film as `Mannina Maga'..Kayakave Kailasa as caption.

In his debut Jeevan is impressive. He has the build and looks. Roopa Nataraj is a long shot heroine. Biradar gets the first item song of his four decades career.

Male Baruva Hottige..Kagada oorinalli pennigelli bara.are well composed by Daniel Victory. Santosh Kumar using the black magic camera shows his expertise.

`Gaali' is not extremely good cinema. It is OK for free time.

Score 6/10 



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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