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Gaalipata Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, January 19, 2008 • Kannada ]
Gaalipata Review
SPR Entertainment India Private Limited
Ganesh, Daisy,Neethu, Diganth, Rajesh Krishnan, Bhavana Rao, Ananthnag, RangayanaRaghu, Padmaja Rao, Sudha Belawadi, Raja Rao, Dayal
Yogaraj Bhat
Suryaprakash Rao

The biggest hype of the recent times 'Gaalipata' of highly popular actor golden star Ganesh and dexterous director Yogaraj Bhat together again after 'Mungaru Male' (reaping Rs.50 crores) is a clean entertainer but not up to the expectations. Ganesh the freeloader and chatter box in this film although makes a cake walk should have been controlled. There is a limit for everything. Dialogues at places should have needed some more home work. 'I want to be with you for 10 to 20 thousand 'Janma' is stupid. What does Yogaraj Bhat means by 'Satta Mela Sukha Sigabardhu' (after death happiness should not be there). The words like 'Kanya Kumara, Savithrappa, Gandu Muthaidhe.are carelessly written.

Technically this is a superb cinema because of Super 35, Digital Intermediate, excellent locations and nature coming to the help. In the place of Rathnavelu any ordinary cameraman working for this film with so much of input the result would have been the same.

Yogaraj Bhat once again bank on Ganesh stardom and gives back seat to all others in the film. Sketching each character with different outlook Bhat has forgotten to write a good story for the film. The flow of developments set with beautiful backdrop and tolerable artistes handling the roles makes this film worth watching.

Three good friends Gani, Kitty and Diganth (Ganesh, Rajesh Krishnan and Diganth) come to Megaravalli the place rich in environment and cozy to live for a short period. Gani is a prankster and talkative. His style of creating fun is not heartening. In Megaravalli Diganth takes his friends Gani and Kitty to his grandfather house. Adjacent to Diganth's grandfather house lives Kodandarama ex-military officer. There are three beautiful girls with different attitude in the house of Kodandarama (Ananthnag). Soumya is silent as on the day of her marriage her husband died, Neethu is very harsh but good at heart is an Ayurvedic doctor and Pavani is prankster.

It is the wild boar that attracts Gani and Kodandaram to kill for which they seek the support of Kitty and Diganth. Kodandaram is not able to take up this because he is on a wheel chair because of this wild boar that rushed against to him and made him handicap. Yet he wants to kill the wild boar and the hunt that starts with these three youths leads him to uncomfortable situation in the house. When they make the third attempt Kodandaram is not able to shoot the boar but he is able to stand on his legs because of shock. He finds his legs in tact because of this boar that goes away silently. He says boar is nothing but the Lord Vishnu's 'Varahavathara'. Back home there is jubilation. Kodandarama considers the three youths as lucky persons in his life.

As the days pass Gani falls in love with Soumya, Diganth likes Neethu while Pavani compel Kitty to like her. In the case of Pavani and Kitty things come straight. In the Love affair of Neethu and Diganth, they have to cross a few hurdles but the biggest hurdle is for Gani. Soumya is interested in going to Switzerland to settle down without marriage in her life. Gani tries all his means but gets a strong reply from Soumya. Soumya wants to live in memories of her past but Gani explains her life is not like that in different ways. In the climax when Gani and Soumya are traveling in the boat the force of water topple the boat. Gani taking courage traces Soumya for safety. Then what? You have to watch the rest in the theatre.

Ganesh takes the first place for his casual and speedy dialogue delivery. Next is Neethu who has done a different kind of role. Best supporting award for her is sure to come once again. Daisy and Rajesh Krishna's cool as cucumber silence is magnificent, Diganth too gives good relief. Bhavana Rao as Pavani has done her best but she is not the right choice for tall looking Rajesh Krishnan. Ananthnag is in his usual ro

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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