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Ganda Hendathi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, July 29, 2006 • Kannada ]
Ganda Hendathi Review
Thilak ,Vishal Hegde, Manju Bashini, Chanchali,Ravi Belegere
Ravi Srivatsa
Shailendra Babu

When Love becomes a command, Hatred can become a pleasure. Love is a way with some meaning; but sex is meaning enough. The 'exciting' (at places 'sexciting') Kannada film 'Ganda Hendathi' and a boy friend does not serve any purpose. For that matter the Hindi version 'Murder' was also ruthless on the screen. So is Kannada version. This is 'Sakath Hot Maga'.

What the yesteryears Kannada films have told in an interesting and touching style this film narrates in a rash and ridiculous style. The lip locking, throwing Sanjana on the bed by Sachin and their lust is what we see in third grade films. Producer Shailendra Babu should be credited for upsetting the millions of minds of Kannada audience with this type film. Where is Kutumba and Gowramma and where is 'Ganda Hendathi film Mr Babu? In the name of a message that the film perpetrates it is nothing but a degrading the standards. When the child is waiting for long hours on the steps of the school the mother Sanjana is mindlessly sleeping on the chest of her ex boy friend is something an incorrigible mistake. The culture we borrow from others should be constructive not destructive.

Director Ravi Srivatsa is senseless and he is very brutal. A copy cat of the original has no hold on the media. Where to chop and where to refine he has not learnt. The entire second half he makes laborious and disgusting.

As the husband does not satiate her lust Sanjana share bed with her ex boy friend Sachin the rugged youth. This is in fact leads to murder and investigation reveals something shocking. The presumed to be dead Sachin wrapped in a bandage and tightened with strong tapes comes out from the grave yard after seven days is itself a foolish thinking.

Straight away battled and bruised Sachin works out a plan to usurp Sanjana's huge property. Even in this attempt he fails as Sanjana shoots her realizing her flaws. The womanizer to the chore Sachin falls flat.

This story is pulled in reels like a bubblegum testing the audience patience. The locations are splendid and Venu, Mathew Rajan have done very good job.

For debutant Sanjana it is almost like going to honeymoon to Bangkok with a boy friend like Thilak. Both have had real fun and provide exciting moments that was so far not seen on Kannada screen. Vishal once again is good for nothing. Ravi Belegere is wasted. Baby Sanchali and Manju Bashini have nothing to do.

Gurukiran has shamelessly picked the tunes from the original Hindi film 'Murder'. This attitude is wrong. Gurukiran has the potential to come out special in music.

The compelling portion in the film is sex.

Scoring 5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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