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Ganesh Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, September 24, 2009 • Telugu ]
Ganesh Review
Sravanthi Movies
Ram, Kajal Agarwal, Sameer, Kasi Viswanath, Ashish Vidyarthi, Poonam Kour, Rohini Attangadi and others
Sravanthi Ravi Kishore
Mickey J Mayer

`Ganesh', the movie with caption `Just Ganesh' arrived today. This is the fifth movie of Ram and he paired up with Kajal, the heroine who is on top seat with the mega block buster `Magadheera'. Let us go into the details of the movie.


Ganesh, (Ram) is a happy go guy with loads of enthusiasm and a thing for helping others. He has friend who falls in love with girl that doesn't fit into the scheme of things designed by his father (Kasi Viswanath). The father wants his son to be married to his niece Divya (Kajal). Not able to see the pain of his friend, Ganesh decides to help him out by making plan to make Divya fall for someone else i.e Ganesh. He puts his plan into motion by starting out as a tenant of Divya's at an apartment complex in Hyderabad. The place is apparently, filled with several, 26 in all, playful kids. These kids make their presence felt in all corners of the buildings. Mahadev, played by Ashish Vidyarthi, and Yadgiri (Brahmanandam) match each other's wits, though Mahadev is the baddie and Yadgiri, the local goon is on the funnier side of things. Ganesh, apparently, has to manage all these people and succeed in his goal of impressing Divya and the methods that he employs form the gist of the film.


Ram was utilized to the core and was presented in a great way and is quite impressive. Kajal played the usual Barbie doll role quite enthusiastically, the Kids's performances are memorable, especially, that of Nani, and the plump kid, Ashish Vidyarthi is wasted as he is used to much better roles, Sameer, Poonam Kaur and Rohini Attanghadi are all reasonably good.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, the movie is okay with such greats like Peter Hains and Hari Anumolu behind it. The screenplay needs a lot of brushing though. Musically, Micky, comparison is a bad word here as he isn't up to the mark set by his own high melodious standards. One particular song reminds his `Nijamgaa' tune from the movie `Kotha Bangaru Lokam'.

Director's Portrayal:

The one thing that shows all along was the lack of focused screenplay and it is surely the director's biggest responsibility. It seems to lose track of itself and sometimes becomes downright mundane especially, in the second half. The film drags along on predicted lines and doesn't present anything new. Also the director should have ensured much screen space to the one's that stood out - the kids.

Critic's View:

The film is one of those films that is good and bad at the same time. The first half, though not exactly riveting, does more to keep the audiences interested than the extremely dragging second half, which never seems to end. The film did have its moments especially scenes involving the kids, which will interest that part of the audience that themselves are kids and them some more. all in all, with a more concentrated screenplay and better screen space management the film do itself a lot of good.


Baring a few moments, the film is a family entertainer.

Released On: 24th Sep 2009.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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