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Gaudugali Kumara Rama Music Review

Gaudugali Kumara Rama Music Review
Shivarajkumar, Rambha, Laya, Anitha,Srinivasamurthy, Ramesh Bhat,Doddanna, Seetha, Sumithra, Ashok, Avinash and others.
Anitha Pattabhiram
Gurukiran going great
Friday, June 30, 2006 • Kannada Comments

As rightly observed by veteran Dwarakish 'the right film by right captain for right owner of the ship' there is a continuation. Right pick of music director too. Gurukiran is not a babe for this kind for historical films. He has cleverly sat through the whole film and given the songs according to moods.

The first song Sarasake Baro sara sarane.., takes us to the olden days. Hariharan's modulation capacity and Nityashree deserve appreciation.

The hit song of the film is Yee Jeeva Jeeva Ninade ninaridhe enadhe.., very well sung by Udit Narayan and Madhu Balkrishna. There is good usage of instruments in this song.

O Prema.., by SPB and Chitra is a melodious beauty. In this romantic duet song there is good mixture of musical instruments to the melodious voices of SPB and Chitra.

The birthday song Yee Ninna Rama Yendendhu Nimmavane..reminds that of Dr.Rajkumar singing in 'Mayoora' Naaniuruvudhe Nimagaagi.. supporting the cause of the downtrodden.

Lelepaadi Malathi and Mano is sung with high pitch. The song Ginirama. with voice modulation by Gurukiran and Komala Potharaj is a new attempt. This one reminds the lines of yesteryears Dr.Rajkumar film 'Babruvahana' song.

The lyrics of the film are written by Kaviraj, Rudramurthy Shastry, M.N.Vyasa Rao, Shyamasunder Kulkarni, Sriranga and V.Manohar.

There is commentary from Shivarajkumar to wipe out the audio and video piracy.

Akash audio has given a bumper for the CD buyers. Two top Kannada films Appu and Gowramma film songs are additional bonanza. Gowramma film scoring is by S.A.Rajkumar.

The CD cover is with a grandeur resembling the throne of king. The printing of 'Nethradana Mahadhana' - 'Eye donation is great' especially after Dr.Rajkumar donating his eyes after death is a right move on the part of Akash Audio to project it.