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'Geetha Govindam' is universal: Vijay Deverakonda

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Geetha Govindam is universal: Vijay Deverakonda

Ahead of the release of 'Geetha Govindam' on August 15, Vijay Deverakonda speaks to the media about working with Parusuram, the 'What The F' (song) experience, the release of the much-delayed 'Taxiwala' and more.  

Health is taking a small beating

I have been busily working for months.  Health has taken a small beating. Once I am done with promotions for 'Geetha Govindam', I will take total rest for a week.  I will be only sleeping and eating.  Not that I am complaining about my busy schedules.  I am able to work at this pace because I am young.  But it's not easy.  I am over committing myself to works.  

Handling stardom

I am not comfortable with the situation I am in.  I am not giving myself any time to think about fame.  I am playing catch up with my career.   The point is to do my job well.  It's all temporary.  Life itself is temporary.  You just need to continue with what you really like.  With the fan following, I will have greater reach.  That's all.  

Doing mistakes

I am comfortable with doing mistakes.  It's a normal thing.  If a mistake happens because of my own decision, I am OK with it.  

Launching a clothing line

I was in Class VII when I first thought of a clothing line.  I named it 'Lava'.  I realized the dream only recently.  I couldn't be working in a bank and launch a clothing line.  It's only because cinema gave me a lot of access that I have been able to launch a clothing line.

Fascination with singers

I love singing because I just enjoy it.  I never thought of doing it as a serious thing.  I am fascinated with singers.  I find them cooler than actors.  I like rock stars and pop singers.  But I have not learned singing.  In school, music classes and games period would be overlapped.  I bunked music classes just so that I could play games.  After all these years, I feel I should have attended music classes instead.

The 'What The F' song controversy

We did the song in 45 minutes.  They called me to the studio and asked me to sing impromptu.  Even had I practised for a day or two, it wouldn't have been any  better.  I wouldn't have refused to sing a song like 'Inkem Inkem'.  I was chosen for 'What The Life' because they wanted a raw voice.  It's a basic tune.  When I realized people didn't like it, we changed the lyrics.  The reactions ranged from hilarious to hurtful.   At one point, we thought of replacing my voice with some other voice.  The Overseas prints of the film will have my voice.  The Indian prints will have some other singer's voice.  

I am OK with trolls

My job is to do what I can do.  Memes and such things are done by those whose job it's to create them.  Everybody is doing their job. I don't mind opinions.  But don't adivce me to never sing.  Who are you to say don't sing ever again?  I don't listen to my parents.  We all have commented against the likes of Sachin Tendulkar.  Passing comments is a normal thing.  It's OK.  But don't give advices.  

Govind Vs Arjun Reddy

Govind and Arjun Reddy have a commonality.  They will go to any extent to win over the girl they love.  But the paths they choose are totally different.  Their approaches are polar opposites.  That's what makes 'GG' a fun movie.

In Parusuram I trust

If my performance in the film is appreciated, the entire credit should go to my director (Parusuram).  And the film came into existence because of Bunny Vas garu.  I enjoy watching the genre of family dramas. I love family films like 'Nuvvu Naku Nacchav', 'Malleeswari' and 'Bommarillu'.  When I was growing up, these films had me laughing.  

A universal script

'GG' is a universal script which will help me widen my reach.  Even children will relate to the movie because 'GG' is a visual comedy.  You don't have to understand the context of dialogues.  

Not jittery

I am not tensed before the release of 'GG'.  I am only waiting for everyone to watch it.  I want to know their reactions.  

Pirated leaks of 'Geetha Govindam'

It shouldn't have happened.  But it has happened.  Life is about problems like this one too.  We are taking it in our stride.  

'Taxiwala' is coming

'Taxiwala' has had CG issues.  The amount of 'CG' in the film is huge.  It's too big for a new director.  The process of implementing the CG is taking so much time.  With experience, we could have done it fast.  Since 'GG' is getting ready, we have gone with its release first.  Allu Aravind garu felt that we shouldn't hurry through with 'Taxiwala'.  I am not worried about any negative perceptions that might be there regarding 'Taxiwala'.  

My family

My mother prefers to watch my movies in a theatre because she hates all technical discussions.  My father and brother are otherwise.  They like technical details. 

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