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Genius Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, December 29, 2012 • Telugu ]
Genius Review
Ramadutha Creations
Havish, Sanusha
Dasari Kiran Kumar
Joshua Sridhar

The absence of visionary leadership at the helm has ensured that there is an unacknowledged policy that promotes talented youth flock to the US, thereby putting our dream of becoming a knowledge power in jeopardy.  Besides, parasites and vultures people the field of politics, fully taking care of exploiting all sorts of identities and resources to empower and enrich themselves and their cronies.  Chinni Krishna, living in an India like this one, must have directed his creative anger against such a leadership and suggested real solutions to productively use the untapped potential of the largest youth population.

Ohmkkar annaya's Genius is purposive and heart-felt; the pain of disillusioned youth is writ large.  The premise, however, is not very exciting.  Willy nilly, hero-worship is not ruining our countrymen as the film would want us believe, nor does killing the 'villains' (the worshipped) seems justifiable. 

Thanks to Paruchuri Brothers and Chinni, the film does involve you at many places.  The second half, especially, is convincing emotions-wise, but in terms of imagination it is found wanting. 

We did listen to what the makers had to say at the audio release function: the film says that hero-worship is wrong.  In the bad old days of joblessness, living legends ruled the roost in cinema, to add to our woes.  It ensured that youngsters sacrificed their everything for NTRs, MGRs and Rajinikanths, leaving their beloved family members in the lurch.  Thankfully, there are no legends in cinema or sports today, and the fans know it well.  Politics, which is the biggest religion of everyone from caste-minded people to ill-informed supporters of parties/dynasties/leaders, continues to take a toll on our social and economic well-being though.

The script seems to have been written in an era when there was no Facebook and an Anna Hazare could not have hoped to wean away people from the projects espoused by fundamentalists to fight for a just cause (like uprooting corruption in high places).      Yet the script could have thrown up realistic remedies at least.

There are three youngsters who have dedicated themselves to build the careers of a politician (Nanaji, played by Pradeep Rawat), a cricketer (Nizamuddin, played by Adarsh) and a movie superstar (Pedababu, played by Asish Vidyarthi).  The youngsters, played by Havish, Ashwin Babu and Vinod, have neglected their families, blinded by lunatic love for their idols.

As destiny would have it, each of them comes to be dumped by their idols in different situations.  Having learnt their lessons, they decide to teach their idols a lesson and be an example to many youngsters too.

How they do that must be watched on the big screen.

If you do not go to Genius expecting hair-raising dialogues that stir the conscience, you will definitely enjoy the cinematic drama and unrealistic solutions. 

It is true that film stars use their fans for selfish reasons, but much part of the blame should go to those who willingly waste their monies and talents, not those who benefit from the idol worship.  It is unthinkable that someone deems it fit to kill such self-centered celebrities. 

Genius is alright in telling the youngsters to look after their parents and build their careers.

The ACP (played by Tamil actor Sharath Kumar) arranges for Havish, who is part of the gang which has kidnapped two biggest celebrities, to talk the word from an inquiry room. If an ACP rains petrol on peaceful protestors, it would be termed a national shame in real life. 

Some scenes that come in the second half, involving Kota Srinivasa Rao, Annapurna, Pradeep Rawat, and the youngsters are fine.  Venu Madhav and Krishna Bhagawan entertain as the director of 'Himsa' and Pedababu's PA respectively. 

Havish fits the role and his moody expression is apt.  Ashwin Babu and Vinod emote well.  Sanusha looks chubby.  Master Bharath as Chinababu plays a young hero.  Brahmanandam parodying Chiru, Pawan Kalyan and others is for the front-benchers.

Joshua Sridhar's music could have been better but then, the songs are not properly placed.  The cinematography works fine.

Released on: 28th Dec, 2012

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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