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George Reddy's true face was that of a bloody villain: Critics

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 • Tamil Comments

George Reddys true face was that of a bloody villain: Critics

'George Reddy', the biopic, is hitting the screens this Friday (November 22). From special bulletins on TV to newspaper stories and YouTube videos, they have all eulogized the legendary student leader. Most of these videos throw up superlative praises in the comments section.

However, his critics are hardly in awe of George Reddy, who they describe as a "radical Leftist who went mad". While the soon-to-be-released biopic portrays him as a Che Guevara, those who disagree with his politics are of the firm view that George's violent politics snuffed out precious lives. Those inspired by his idealistic and mesmerizing speeches on the campus of Osmania University became sympathizers of Naxalism at a time when Maoists were massacring scores of men, women and children in Srikakulam without offering any solution to any problem. All this went on in the name of wresting power from "class enemies".

George had the blood of innocents on his hands, say his critics. His politics of extremism justified everything in the name of socialism and he himself hid behind empty slogans such as “Jeena hai toh marna seekho/ kadam kadam par ladna seeko".

"George carried weapons that could kill humans in a jiffy. He used to do it always. His campus politics were baptized in intimidation and violence. His fans say he would have become a national leader had he been alive, but they say such things about any mediocre Leftist," an old-timer is heard saying in a YouTube video.

The film 'George Reddy' is going to be a hagiography. As such, don't expect honesty and balance.

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