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Golconda High School Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, January 15, 2011 • Telugu ]
Golconda High School Review
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Sumanth, Swathi and others
Mohana Krishna Indraganti
Ram Mohan
Kalyani Malik
Golkonda High School

Inspirational coach stories are a rare and more so in Telugu cinema.Directed by Indraganti Mohanakrishna, 'Golconda High School' is first of its kind in this genre. The story of a sports coach who inspires the students to play well and win a tournament, is a Chakde of Tollywood. Released with decent reviews for its trailers, 'Golconda High School' hallmarks the beginning of new kind of entertainment in image struck Tollywood.


Golconda High School with a glorious past has lost its sheen and its board members want to use its ground for real estate purposes. They feel if the ground is used for real estate development, it will be of some help as the school is not doing well anyway. But Viswanath(Tanikella Bharani) opposes the move. Kireet(Subbaraju) who is the board's trustee member is hell bent on selling it off for real estate purposes.Viswanath then proposes that the board shouldn't sell the school ground if GHS cricket team wins the state level cricket tournament. He then brings in his ex-student Sampath(Sumanth) as the coach for the school cricket team. The rest of the story is on how Sampath deals with the students and young minds, how he motivates them to winning the tournament.


Sumanth bounced back with this film.His 'Go'wri, 'Go'davari sentiment worked for 'Go'lconda High School too. He looked tailor made for this role. His age, body language, french mush and also prior cricket knowledge made him look authentic cricket coach. His dialogues, expressions and modulation are outstanding.Swati was an absolute misfit for her charecter. Drapped in the saree, she still looks like a high school girl wearing saree for the farewell party. The director should have chosen Kamilini or a more woman looking actress than Swati who still has the over grown girl look.Her performance was not bad though. Subbaraju and Tanikella Bharani delivered whistle worthy action. The heroes of GHS are the kids who acted with ease and as if they are seasoned artistes. Overall the performances were stupendous and apt for their roles.


The music was inspirational and the song 'Jago re Jago' is in tandem with the racy story. However, the background score is weak and could have been much louder given the inspirational script this film is. The screenplay was impressive and cinematographer Senthil  did a good job. The director Indraganti Mohankrishna, displayed his professional film learning in the way he treated this niche subject.Though there were minor glitches in the second half of the story, the soul was intact. He managed to capsule inspiration, entertainment and the message that studies is not everything in life, to the parents who grind their children to study all day. Movies like 'Bheemili Kabbadi Jattu' and Sye have come before this with sports as a backdrop but in those scripts, love stories dominated the sport unlike in GHS where it is subtle and neatly blended with the sport.


GHS is worth watching.It is an honest and brave attempt. It inspires, motivates, entertains and beyond everything, makes you love sports for sure.

Released on: 15th Jan, 2011

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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