Greatest Marvel Villians of all time

Yes we talk so much about the heroes but can we take some moment to think about the villains in MCU


The God is Mischief is definitely everyone's favourite villain.


We are definitely sure Thanos is the most interesting and formidable villain


Though we hated him as a villain his motive to help the oppressed people requires a SALUTE


Did you imagine a blue collar worker spurned by Tony Starkwould become a most wanted villain?

Red Skull

Hail Hydra! Need we say more

Iron Monger

Double the size of Iron man still got thrashed by Tony


He is the best example of Never trust a guy who is intelligent and wants revenge

The winter soldier

Hero to Villian to Hero is definitely a good character development for Bucky


Can a God have bad motives? Yes he can


Just some minor mistakes ca lead to a bigger disaster. yes he is the best example of it


We had to spend half the movie pretending he's a good guy, even when you know he's not


Thor - Loki and Hella could have been a powerful trio if not for the stupidity of Odin. Do you agree?

Yellow Jacket

Oh yeah he deserves it. Definetly deserves a place in the quantum realm


Just don't be Greedy and foolish like him


The lord of dark world just became Stranges toy and yes we enjoyed it