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'Guna 369' is a touching, emotional film: Producers

Saturday, July 27, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Guna 369 is a touching, emotional film: Producers

Anil Kadiyala and Tirumal Reddy, the producers of 'Guna 369', are confident about their produced ahead of the film's release on August 2.  Starring Kartikeya in the lead, the film has Anagha as his heroine.  In this interview, the producers talk about what makes their film special, what to expect from debutant director Arjun Jandyala, music and more.

Finalized the best movie

We have entered the film industry with the aim to make the right kind of films.  We have been successful in the TV industry.  SG Movies is debuting with a very good project.  We had shortlisted 7-8 subjects and decided to make 'Guna 369', which is the best of all.

Perfect execution 

Having known the script, we can confidently say that we have completed a very good story that is inspired by some true incidents.  Director Arjun Jandyala has delivered the output as he had narrated.  There is no mismatch between his visualization and execution.  He had worked with Boyapati Srinu garu and others for 12 years.

A new Kartikeya

Kartikeya's role in the movie is completely different from what he has played in 'Rx 100' and 'Hippi'.  It's a highly emotional role.

An emotional story

The title has puzzled many.  Our film has nothing to do with a fantasy like 'Aditya 369'.  The title has a reason.  369 is the number assigned to the hero when he is in jail.  His middle-class father goes through emotional turmoil when his son faces unforeseen circumstances.

A social message

Everybody says that his film is completely different.  But we are saying it genuinely.  The story has its roots in reality.  In recent times, we haven't seen such a film in Telugu.  Besides being commercial, 'Guna 369' is socially relevant.  Our film says that money is not everything and that love among family members is the most precious thing.  You will see your son in Kartikeya's character.  The film also drives home the message that girls have to be respected everywhere.  Even as producers of TV serials, we have always believed in making appealing stuff to the family audience.

Successful buzz

We have sold the movie successfully.  In Nizam, our film has been bought by the distributor who recently released 'iSmart Shankar' in the territory.  We are happy with the response to the songs so far.  From Dil Raju garu to K Raghavendra Rao garu to Nagarjuna garu, Brahmanandam garu and Ali garu, they have all unveiled the singles for us.  We are glad.

Terrific songs, situational comedy 

Music is by Chiatan Bharadwaj, who has given six very good songs.  Nagarjuna garu himself has endorsed the songs, saying that they are better than the music of 'Manmadhudu-2'.  The film doesn't have separate comedy tracks.  It's all situational.  Our film has got U/A rating without any cuts.  We are requesting the review writers out there not to reveal some key spoilers in the second half.

Sensible action, not violence

The film has got action scenes but it's all emotional more than violent.  Since Ajay is Boyapati garu's disciple, the latter's style is there in 'Guna 369'.  There are only three fights in the movie.

Next project

Kiran, who has worked with Mani Ratnam in the past, has narrated a story.  If everything goes well, our next outing could be with him.

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