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Haridas Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, February 22, 2013 • Tamil ]
Haridas Review
DR V RAM Production Private Limited.
Sneha, Kishore
G N R Kumaravelan
DR.V Ramadoss
Vijay Antony

Quite recently the profound "Power of the Father" syndrome has become prominent in Kollywood with likes of "Vaarnam Ayiram", "Thavamai Thavam irukiren" to mention a few. This movie is a salutation to all our Daddies who will always remain as our "First Hero". Director G.N.R Kumaravelan has penned this movie with a simple "Dad-Son" bond that lingers a perpetual thought even after you walk out of the theaters. Vetrimaran's favorite actor Kishore plays the lead character and Sneha after a brief sabbatical makes a comeback. Taking inspiration from a true story, the director etches a motivational story of a Father and a son. With an NRI producer and an already harmonious music director Vijay Antony, the wait for the movie is finally over.

Father, Son and the Teacher:

Kishore plays as Sivadas the daring cop who gets ruthless against the local goon Aadhi and is just miles away from nabbing the crook. However he is forced to leave the force for a while to take care of his autistic son, Haridas because of an unfortunate matter. With much difficulty he enrolls Haridas in a normal school where Amudhavalli (Sneha) is a teacher specialized to deal with special children.

Kishore dwells into the character of Sivadas a sorry father for not sparing time to his family, when it mattered most and tries to understand his son's problem step by step. He understands the fact that Autism is not a disease to brood over, it just needs the extra affection and care rather than feeling sympathetic. Over a period of time the bonding between the teacher and the student blossoms like a bright sunflower. Does the father succeed in lodging a room in his son's imagination, what happens forms the rest of the ploy.

The Good Part:

The answer will be pronto! Director's selection of cast is one of the biggest Pillars of the movie which is capable of withholding even skyscrapers. With a flawless storyline, he asserts the strength of the movie on the lead cast who emote by ringing our soul bells. Kishore injects realistic acting and gives you the impression of a neighbor in your street struggling to find a grip over fatherhood. Sneha's acting skills are not something new and she is brilliant as a simple motivational teacher. We might call this movie off as a motivational movie, but then not once has this movie tried the usual dose of inspirational, stimulating or stirring speeches. A lifelike character by Kishore as Sivadas douses you into the character as emotions fly across the narration. The boy's role essayed by Prithivraj is laudable and this year's youngest find is here without a doubt. For a first timer he creates such an emotional bond with the audience by fitting his shoes perfectly into the role of a special kid who needs much more attention.
The Director's way of no nonsense preaching has paved the way for a power packed story, where the situation is the key and how a realistic father handles it. Despite all these drama the director doesn't forget the other plot of the movie, the one with a dutiful cop not letting his hair down in hunting down the criminals. Soori provides the comedy relief with his nut filled gimmicks now and then. Cinematography by Rathnavelu is clinical in showing every scene with required ambience. Vijay Antony's BGM is superb and the signature tune keeps running in your mind for a long time.
The Bad part:

A common mistake which might go unnoticed for a few, the length of the movie stretches a bit longer. A commercial song doesn't fit in to a movie of this genre making it questionable. The climax of the movie leads to an argument of how fitting it could have been, yet is sure to bring about mixed reactions among movie goers.
So Finally:

All said, Haridas is a simplistic piece of story sure to woo the parents of special kids to look in a different perspective. Deft movie with a pinch of realism!
Stars : 3.5/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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