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Heropanti Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 23, 2014 • Hindi ]
Heropanti Review
Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, Sandeepa Dhar, Vikram Singh
Sabbir Khan
Sajid Nadiadwala
Sajid, Wajid

What is it all about?

Citi Citi Bang Bang.. a sitting duck is in your hand.. Sajid Nadiadwala and UTV Motion Pictures `Heropanti'- the touted debut of Tiger Shroff in this remake of the Telugu 2008 sensation `Paragu' starring Allu Arjun is an overproduced and generally disappointing effort helmed by `Kambakkht Ishq' fame Sabbir Khan. `Heropanti' is such a drab, banal, adventure that even squanders Tiger Shroff unique promise as an action hero. Those who are likely to flock theaters thanks to its robust marketing will come out wondering why this movie was chosen as Tiger Shroff debut into commercial Hindi cinema.

The Story

Sanjeev Dutta makes some changes to the 2008 Telugu award winner `Paragu' starring Allu Arjun Chaudhary (Prakash Raj) is a respected mukhiya in an Haryana village pride is everything here. He has two daughters Dimpy (Kriti Sanon) and Renu (Sandeepa Dhar). On the day of her marriage Renu elopes with her lover from the same village with the help of his friend Bablu (Tiger Shroff). The entire family of Chaudhary holes up the friends of Bablu on the presumption that they helped him. Bablu is also caught . Bablu makes an attempt to escape from the clutches of Chaudhary but love strikes as he falls in love with Dimpy without knowing she is Chaudhary's daughter. As expected before the interval the secret is revealed Chaudhary and Co. realize that it was Bablu who helped Renu to elope with her boyfriend.

From here Heropanti begins as Bablu tries to woo Dimpy and fool Chaudhary and his team in unconvincing and tacking proceedings giving this epic an unwanted unearned length resulting in boredom.

Will the Chaudhry's find Renu and if they do what will they do to punish her. Will Dimpy fall for Bablu's moonwalks and body dancing whether the Chaudhrys will see beyond their extended chest.. Heropanti fails to give proper answers.

What to look out for

Tiger Shroff is certainly a talent waiting to be explored. He has the looks, the innocence, the exuberance, the physic and the art (read martial art) to stand as B-town new cute action hero who can also dance with heart.. ala Jackie Chan in Hrithik Roshan dancing shoes.  Worth whistling for.

Kirti Sanon is pretty. Anal Arasu stunts are pulse rising. Production values are of high standards. Cinematography by Hari Vendantamis beautiful. Manan Sagar editing is fine. Sandeepa Dhar is okay. Prakash Raj does well again.

Sajid wajid songs are picking up the charts especially `Whistle Baja' songs are well picturised and choreographed by Ganesh Acharya, Ahmed Khan and Raju Khan

What not?

It's such a terrible mess. What was Sabbir Khan trying to do.. juggling Bollywood musical with martial arts action, comedy and forced melodrama and failing in all. How successfully he makes caricatures of characters make serious situations turn hilarious. Unintentionally funny.

The script doesn,t allows any emotion to take place between Tiger and Kirti. The chemistry never develops and the audience feels nothing for them.

In comparison 'Paragu' was emotionally charged with emotions and action making it a winner among the masses. 'Heropanti' falls flat.

Conclusion:  The promising Tiger Shroff sadly in his debut vehicle `Heropanti' feels stranded in the middle of this mess beating everyone in his path, perhaps mistaking them for the writer and the director.

Rating **

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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