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'Hippi' is a love film, not lust film: JD Chakravarthy

Monday, June 3, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Hippi is a love film, not lust film: JD Chakravarthy

JD Chakravarthy has played a supporting role in 'Hippi', which releases on June 6.  In this interview, catch him talk about the romantic drama starring Karthikeya as the hero, his role in it, his evolution as an actor, his upcoming Hindi directorial and more.  

Why are we not seeing you often on the silver screen?

I have been busy doing films in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.  I am not directing movies these days.  I am liking the kind of scripts I am getting as an actor.  They are irresistible and that's why I am not saying 'No' to them.  

I have done many movies over the decades and just because some of them didn't work, I don't think they are bad.  At the same time, just because others worked, I wouldn't say that they were all great movies.  All I can say is that I have always done scripts that inspired me.  I am proud of them.  When I started out as an actor, I used to get both tensed and excited being in front of the camera.  That is still true of me.  

Does that mean you won't be wielding the megaphone in the future?

It's not like that.  If something exciting comes my way, I will definitely take up direction.  And I will continue to act as long as I get exciting roles. I have a Hindi film lined up as director.  

Having had exposure to different industries, what difference do you see between, say, Bollywood and Tollywood?

In Bollywood, actors don't make a distinction between the roles of lead actor, comedian, etc.  They are ready to play any character if it is good. When actors do script-based films, they will definitely get their due importance and recognition.  In Tollywood, it's more of hero-based movies that we have.  I am not saying it's wrong.  Of late, we are making character-based movies, too.  This trend should solidify.

What made you go for 'Hippi'?

The story.  I always go by the story.  It's like the person itself.  If the person is good, any kind of dress will look good.  That's why I always listen to the entire story before saying 'Yes' for a role.  I could connect with my character in 'Hippi'.  The film captures the thinking of today's youngsters.  

So, what is your character like in the movie?

I will be seen as the CEO of a company.  He is a playboy who believes that marriage is meant only for those who are good.  He remains a bachelor.  I analyzed the character thoroughly before going on board.  My character keeps telling the hero (Karthikeya) that he should come up in life.

Going by the trailer, 'Hippi' seems to be lust-based.  Is it so?

There is more to the film.  Lust-based films can be many but only if there is an emotional core will a film work.  Lust can only be a part and parcel of a film with extraordinary love-related content.  'Hippi' is a love story.  I loved the way the characters of the hero and the two heroines were designed. There is also space for "bold" content.  I can't say that the family audience won't watch 'Hippi'.  I feel it's the kind of film that even they should happily watch.  

How was it working with the budding actor, Karthikeya?

He is a nice guy.  He acts only in front of the camera, not off the screen!

What is your next project?

Later this year, either from September or October, I will be directing a movie.  The script is ready.  One of the great actors of Indian cinema will be seen in this one.  He is associated with the production team as well.  It would be good if only he announces the project.  The plan is to dub the movie in Telugu and Tamil.

I had bought the remake rights of 'Rx 100' when I watched it.  Later, I realized that it doesn't suit me.

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