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HIV cases will rise as homosexuality is legal now: Swamy

With the Supreme Court of India decriminalizing homosexuality, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has opined that homosexuality is abnormal and a genetic disorder.  He added that the latest verdict will give rise to increased cases of HIV in the country.

"It is the American game. Soon there will be gay bars here where homosexuals can go. HIV will spread. So, after looking at the consequences I hope the next government will move a 7-judge bench to set aside this 5-judge bench order," Swamy today said.  

But why should the state have anything to do with what people do in the bedroom?  "Of course, what happens in someone's private life should not be of anyone's concern, neither they should be punished. It is basically a genetic disorder, like someone having six fingers.  Medical research must be done to rectify it," he told a news agency.