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Honey Bee Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, June 8, 2013 • Malayalam ]
Honey Bee Review
F J Entertainments
Fahad Fazil, Asif Ali, Bhavana
Jean Paul
Deepak Dev


 A couple in love who reveals their love for each other only on the final day before marriage, a bunch of friends who are ready to risk everything for making the loving couple unite, a number of elder brother s of the heroine, who gets ready even for a kill to guard their family honor..All these threads had been the staple diets of the  films in every Indian language. So is the plot of the new film on theaters `Honey Bee'. But what makes it an interesting affair is the way in which it is treated. Debutante director, Lal Jr, son of proudcer-director Lal has been able to `sketch' a very different narrates that makes the film work in different levels.

Honey bee also liberally uses the  Kochi jargons which are  incredibly popular, quite a few of its expressions and terminology have become a part of Kerala life. And this will not be the last movie with Kochy flavor,  which will find  acceptance and approval for its liberal Kochy geography.

Honey bee is a  journey of few people for a few days struggling in the city of Kochy. The movie has six friends Sebastian(Asif Ali), Angel(bhavana), Sara( Archana Kavi), Abu (Sreenath Bhasi), Ambrose (Balu) and their big friend Fernandaz(Baburaj) who are the best of the buddies sharing live and drinks together on an everyday basis. Angel has got four elder brothers in Micheal(Lal) and co, who literally rules the city. But as the local S I George(Vijay Babu)is getting ready to marry Angel with the approval of her family, Angel reveals herself to Seban , who initially denies any affection for her. But soon after  the bachelor party offered by Angel, Seban gets heavily drunk and desperately realise that he cannot live without her. As he lay weeping, he discloses his love for Angel to his friends who instantly plots a plan and lift her from her home. The very next day, Sebastian recognises that they have done some thing terribly wrong and asks Angel to return. But time has already elapsed beyond a correction and now the loving couple and their friends are forced to be on the run for life..What follows is an interesting suspenseful thriller, which keeps  you guessing till the final scene.

There's no denying that debutant director Lal Jr has filmed a number of sequences with expertise. The movie has plenty of adult wits, smoke and boozing , which also let the makers continue with the mandatory warning against drugs , all through the film. The movie takes a little time to land safely and thereafter is sprinkled with hilarious one-liners and twists.  Had the writing been a little more consistent and editing sharper, `Honey bee' would've been notches above what it is right now. But the technical sides with shots reminding  you of `Big B' and some good music and BG scores by Deepak Dev helps the movie standout .

The film has a very strong supporting cast and We'd like to single out Baburaj and Sreenath Bhasi  for their  fantastic timing and performances. It's a delight watching Bhavana, one of the better actresses, after a hiatus. She's wonderful, especially in the final moments of the film. Balu  is hilarious, while Lal as Michael  leaves an impression. Vijay babu does well in a brief role. Archana kavi and Suresh Krishna are efficient in cameos.

On the whole, Honey Bee  with  an entertaining first half and decent performances as its plusses, is  for lovers of new generation  masala movies. If you liked `Da, Thadiya',  Kili Poyi, and Nee Ko Njan chaa, you will definitely relish this `Honey Bee'  as  this has more saleable ingredients.


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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