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Hot Veena caught having fun
Wednesday, December 4, 2013 • Hindi Comments

Veena Malik was caught having fun in Dubai. Here is what our bee who is a frequent visitor at this joint got for us specially..

Now that you have seen the picture and come to senses read on..

Veena has been busy for quite some time now. She was so tired of her hectic schedule that she thought of taking a break and coming back after a small hiatus. She planned a visit to Dubai to meet her family and friends.

According to reports, she was occupied with so many activities and commitments that she hardly got any time for herself. After a frenetic week of promotional campaign in Mumbai for her solo album launch, RUM, Veena was in Dubai for a short trip. Veena being a globe trotter, was recently in UK to receive an achievement award for her social contribution. She got very involved with the UK media for interactions and interviews.

Veena wanted to have a small vacation of sorts. Being caught up with work, she realized that she didn`t meet her family for quite some time now. She was in a very nostalgic state and was missing her family badly. So, she packed her bags and was off to Dubai. There, she had some quality time with her family and was very elated to eat home made food that she missed for so long. Also, she met her old buddies and had an amazing time hanging out and partying with them. Her friends were also very amused to have their vibrant friend amongst them.

There, she also met a few important people and has been working ever since. She is also looking to collaborate with a few foreign artists from UK and Dubai. And it will be confirmed in a few days.

Having so much of work has really taken a toll on her and she actually deserved a break.