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Hrithik Roshan: "There's A Super Hero In Every One Of Us"
Friday, October 25, 2013 • Hindi Comments

At the age of 38 Hrihik Roshan has gone through numerous physical trauma’s than any actor has ever had.  First his knees gave way during the making of Kites. He went in for various treatments but healed over a period of time. Later he suffered from a double slip disc and underwent brain surgery for chronic subdural hematoma (clots in the brain). Despite all this the actor has bounced back and is looking forward to the release of his superhero film Krrish 3 with the same enthusiasm as his other films.  Like a super hero in real life Hrithik has come out of it with a fighting spirit.

The actor says that life is come to a full circle now.  He speaks animatedly about Krrish 3 and proudly announces that it is a special film as the special effects have been done in India for the first time and not outsourced to anyone.   In a brief chit chat with indiaglitz the actor speaks about his film and his physical ailments and how he overcame them all:

It is said that Krrish was conceived long back and you had to postpone it?

Yes we had conceived the film but I was down with a bad back and doctors told me not to do the film as there were a lot of action scenes. I was asked to take bed rest for six months.  My father told me that if things are not good we can do it two years later. I was depressed but I came out of it and decided to achieve the impossible and make myself strong again. Nothing is impossible when you have the world at your finger tips. I got trainers and proved science wrong. I searched the whole world and got the best people. You have the world at your fingertips.  I did 80 days of action after that and felt like an 18 year old.

How did you rise out of all the set backs in life and who helped you to come out of it?

My own experience helped me. When I fell down for the first time I got up on my own as there was no one to help me.  I realized that if I can rise up once I can definitely rise again. I have so many dots in the journey of my life and they were important points.  . I don’t want to glorify myself. My childhood was not as great as I often returned home crying.  My school life was not nice. I faced a lot of physical problems. When I was 16 years old and had to miss school as I had back spasm.  I had Rhuematism in my knees and fingers.  I had only 70 percent attendance.  My back was bad.  I was told I shouldn’t take up acting. I had one year with knees doctors told me to give up my career and I had just one year.  When I did Guzaarish I said this is my last film.  When you go through pain and come out of it you enter a realm of infinite possibilities. You have to desire pain so that you can come out of it.

Are you happy with the response your film is getting before the release?

The reactions have been good and assuring as we are on the right track.  Such reactions can go both ways.  These kinds of special effects can be scary some can say that it’s like Hollywood. Fortunately People are liking it and comparing it to Hollywood movies. We may be good with the special effects as Hollywood. People are curios to know what India is making. We got 17 million views on YouTube for promos.  It means that people are watching the promos. It has definitely crossed boundaries and markets.

We have heard so much about Krrish 3, what will it offer the audiences?

Krrish was all about a mountain boy, his love story which develops at the end of the film.  It was also a story of a grandmother and a child. This is first sci-fi super hero big budget film. Some people may find Krishna more enduring.  The progression which we have got in the film is new. Krishna is become a man now and is much smarter as he lives in Mumbai but at heart is the hill boy.  Rohit has an important role and he is the hero of the film. All things are evolved through him from right Koi Mil Gaya to Krrish 3. It has a lot of emotions as he is a child and a father and that combination for me as an actor was challenging.   When the son keeps the hand on his father’s shoulder he gives him the power. That was the big challenge for us. It was vulnerable as I am doing Rohit’s role after seven years. I had to keep the voice modulation and take care of his walk. I was not sure I would be able to do it but I enjoyed playing the role.  The VFX is a decoration in the film. If there’s no emotion or identification of characters the film would mean nothing.  My father was very conscious about this and he has always believed in content in his films.  The VFX is the biggest thing as this will be India’s first film with such great VFX it’s first home grown special effects.  Indian artistes will not have to look out for work outside India.

What kind of challenges did you face during the making of this film?

I faced challenges with every film of mine. But during the making of this film I underwent a lot of physical challenges.  It started with a double slip disc and ended with a hole in my brain.  My journey has been physically and mentally very draining.  But Krrish made an impact on my life.  I would question myself, that if I was Krrish how would I be. I think there’s a super hero in everyone of us.    I learnt a lot from him. To remind myself I wear his symbol. It’s being sold as a merchandising. It’s a symbol of power it gives you the right answers at the right time. You can face life bravely.  For example when doctors told me about my brain clots and the surgery anyone’s reaction would be What if I do it? Will it be right, will I survive what about my wife and children.  Surprisingly I had no fear at all. I started believing in my super powers.  If you have the right perspective it will turn right. If you focus on good things you will find everything right.

What do you think are you positive and negative traits?

Integrity is very essential for a character. If there’s no integrity you can slip in life. A lot of people say what they want but don’t question your integrity.  Truth will come out. It will manifest itself in your life.

What about other characters in the film?

We have ingeniously coined a new term Maanvar in the film from two words the Man and Jaanwar (Animal) they are mutants.  Kaal’s team is Maanvars.  They are found from the DNA of animals.  We have characters that have like the Frog man who can break things with his tongue, Cheetah girl who is so fast you can’t catch her, Scorpion girl who has sharp claws, A Rhino Man, Kangna is a chameleon and can change her form. She is unbelievable in the film and I am so happy.

What does Stardom mean to you?

Stardom Is  always outside my door and I open the door to feel the power  so that I can  make other people  feel  the powerful around me.  When I am with my family I shut the door because it doesn’t mean anything. I have been bestowed with stardom upon me by a lot of love by people around me who call me a supers