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Hrithik Roshan drives to Shimla for 'Bang Bang' shooting
Wednesday, February 5, 2014 • Hindi Comments

Recently to attend his son Hrehaan on his sports’ day at school Hrithik Roshan flew down from Shilmla from the film ‘Bang Bang’ shooting.

After the event, the actor wanted to get back to Shilmla on time for ‘Bang Bang’ shooting since it was the first day of filming. So, according to our sources, Hrithik decided to take a flight to Delhi and then from Delhi to Chandigarh but unfortunately all flights were cancelled due to fog.

Next, Hrithik decided to take the road journey. But then he was told by the doctors not to take road trip owing to his surgery. Despite this, the dedicated star that he is, Hrithik went ahead with his plan but with cautious. We were told that Hrithik took the long car journey to Chandigarh then rested for a while and then again the car journey to Shimla.

Finally, Hrithik made it on time to get back to his workout and rehearsals. Kudos to his determination and dedication!!!