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Husband kills wife by throwing cobra at her; Police crack the case

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 • Telugu Comments

In Kerala, a 27-year-old man named Sooraj wanted to kill his wife and get away with the heinous act without causing suspicion. He contacted a snake handler and decided to let loose a cobra on his wife. The venomous mind carried out the criminal act and murdered his wife with the help of the cobra.

"The husband had first hired a Russell's viper. It did bite his wife Uthra, but she could survive the bite. After she was hospitalized, two months later, Sooraj made another attempt on the life of his wife. This time, he hired a cobra," the police have been quoted as saying.

Sooraj behaved as though he didn't know anything about the snake's presence in their common room. Days later, he made attempts to get his late wife's property registered in his name. This is what made Uthra's parents suspicious.

"Sooraj works for a private bank. Uthra's parents are rich. As dowry, he had got 100 gold coins, a car and Rs 5,00,000 in cash," a report says. The accused used to harass his wife for more dowry.

The police could zero in on Sooraj's plans via call records and his Internet search history. In the call records, a snake handler's name was found. And the search history showed that he had watched videos related to the handling of snakes.

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