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'Hushaaru' is a friendship film for all ages: Hemal Ingle

Saturday, December 1, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Hushaaru is a friendship film for all ages: Hemal Ingle

Hemal Ingle is the debutante heroine of 'Hushaaru', a bromantic comedy that releases on December 14.  In this interview, she talks about her background, her role in the movie, what kind of an actress she wants to be and more.  

Take us through your background?

I come from Kohlapur in south Maharashtra.  I was a studious girl as a student.  I used to participate in pageants.  I went on to win some beauty titles and this is when I realized that cinema could be my thing.  'Hushaaru' is the first film that I had signed.  I am also doing a Marathi film which will release in February.

What's your character in the movie?

Firstly, I am happy that everybody is showering love on our film.  As for my role, I am playing a girl named Sowmya.  She is from Mumbai and is a corporate employee who is career-oriented.  I have a distance relationship with a guy named Dhruv (played by Dinesh).

How has the experience of doing 'Hushaaru' changed you?

Lucky Media is a big name in the industry and I am glad to sign up their movie.  Venkat sir has helped me with his guidance.  I have lost my inhibitions by playing the bubbly character.  It has helped me set myself free.  

Glamour or performance?  What's your preference?

When you choose to be a heroine, it's not just about performance.  It's also about looking good.  If you want to be just an actress, it's enough to be a performer.  

What are the movie's highlights?

We are four couples in the film and there are five songs.  The music is by Radhan sir.  The DOP Raj Thota sir is such a big name in the industry.  He has done 'Arjun Reddy'.  The director is very young and he has come up with fresh ideas.  He has studied in London and has injected the script with original ideas.  He is just 26.

Are you able to speak Telugu after doing the movie?

I can speak a little Telugu.  Being an academically strong person, I could speak the Telugu lines easily by learning my lines carefully.  

Who is your favourite character in the movie?

The character Bunty who is seen loving a beer bottle in the poster is my favourite.  It's a story about a frustrated software engineer (Rahul Ramakrishna) and four guys who have always been happy-go-lucky.  Suddenly, these guys have to do something in life.  

What does the film try to say?  Is it just for the youths?

We all get frustrated in lives.  The only solution is to do what you love.  When I am not able to do something, I work on it.  You have to try and try.  The frustration goes away when you succeed in doing something.  It's a friendship film.  At any age, you have friends.  Which is why I say anybody and everybody can watch it.  

What's your take on the Me Too movement?

I am in total support of the Me Too movement.  The society has always made us feel that it's the girl's fault when she is sexually harassed.  But now, women are speaking out.  That's good.  

Who is your favourite actress and why?

I love Taapsee Pannu. She is fearless.  She is one of those actresses who doesn't care about glamour.  I loved her acting in 'Manmarziyaan'.  It takes a lot of courage to take up negative roles (as she has done in 'Neevevaro').  In future, maybe, actresses will start focussing only on performance.  

Who is your favourite Telugu hero?

I think all of you know the answer.  Every girl will say Vijay Deverakonda these days.  Same goes with me.  I love him.  He is too good.  

What kind of an actress do you want to be?

I want to do roles that touch the audience's heart.  It should make difference in some or the other way.  I want to make the audience feel my performance.  

What is your next movie?  How has the 'Hushaaru' tour been?

I can't disclose it as yet.  The deal is not yet sealed.  We have visited a lot of colleges.  We have toured Warangal, Kakinada and other places.  Everybody loved the 'Pichaak' song.  Everyone of us is so happy about it.