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I am lucky to have a chat with him: Venkatesh
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 • Telugu Comments

Venkatesh seems very confident about the success of 'Drushyam', which is the Telugu remake of Mohanlal's Malayalam film, 'Drishyam'. He says that Telugu audiences will get connected to the film well and it will encourage story writers to come up with many more different subjects.

He talked about the journey of the film, his upcoming projects, about 'Gopala Gopala', about his son's entry into films, about if the industry is going to be separated etc in an interview.


I was spellbound watching the way the director has dealt the Malayalam version of 'Drishyam'. The emotional quotient in the film is very good and the audiences will connect to it well. I wanted to do the film in Telugu immediately watching the Malayalam version.

Universal subject

'Drishyam' is a universal subject and it suits our nativity well. So we have not done much changes for the original.In addition to thrilling elements, this film has also commercial elements. It is high time for me to these kind of mature roles.I never touched these kind of subjects. The film will sure give a lot of scope for writers to come up with innovative story lines. I think we need these kind of films.

Interesting character

Rambabu is a typical middle class man, who works as a cable operator. He doesn't like wasting money. He lives a happy life with his family. But one incident turns the lives of the family upside down. How he dealt with the problem is very interesting. Rambabu has a special style of dealing problems. He watches movies and solves the problem by comparing it with a similar situation in a film and how it is dealt. It is a very interesting storyline and we have surprises in it.

Outstanding performer

This is the fifth time, I've been working with Meena. The four films we have worked together previously are super hits and they are of different genres. 'Drushyam' is very different film compared to them. This is a family drama and Meena has done an outstanding job in the emotional scenes. Only a few actors can perform as excellently as Meena did. I hope this fifth film will also be successful in our combination.

Doesn't matter

It doesn't matter if you are acting in a remake or a direct film. As long as the script is good and we are confident that it will go well with our audiences, it is not at all a problem. It doesn't mean that we have no good scripts. It depends on many things. Directors are working with the younger lot and they are finding it difficult to prepare scripts for us. So if we find a right subject in other languages, we are remaking it.

Didn't feel it

I didn't feel it uncomfortable playing a middle aged man, who is a father of two children. I even tried to act in these kind of roles a few years ago, but it happened now. If the script is not good, I may have felt I made a mistake. But this is a very clean entertainer and I'm confident of it's success. Even in real life, I am a father of two girls and as the script is designed like this, I felt it not at all a problem.

Game for multistarrers

I will definitely act in more multistarrers, if the director designs a good role for me. I have a good relation with all the young actors and directors and they come with a good subject, I am game for multi-starrers.

Lucky to have chatted with him

Kamal Haasan is doing the Tamil version of 'Drishyam' and I am very happy about it. I had a chat with him some time back. He suggested me to do something different and exciting and refrain from doing same characters every time. So when I watched 'Drishyam', it got connected to me well and I am really happy to have chatted with Kamal. He is a role model for everyone and I don't think anyone in the world has done so many different roles as Kamal Haasan did.

Difficult to reprise him

I've met Mohan Lal and he is very happy that I am acting in the Telugu version of 'Drishyam'. The film has been one of the biggest hits in his career. To be frank, reprising a role of Mohan Lal is very difficult. He is one of those actors, who has a separate style in acting and I admire so much as an actor. Even during my initial days as an actor, I had the opportunity to remake some of his films, but I didn't do it as it is not easy to get into his shoes.

Looking forward

Both Pawan Kalyan and me are very excited about 'Gopala Gopala'. It is a very interesting concept and we share some very good scenes together. Pawan will join the shoot soon and we are looking forward for it.Arjun, is not acting in 'Gopala Gopala'. Though some are asking, he will not act in films anytime soon. He is concentrating only on studies at presenting and right now, he is busy watching football.

About 'Manam'

I am really happy that Nagarjuna got 'Manam'. They are really fortunate to get a subject like that and I think it suited for their family well. It is a very good tribute to ANR.

Should be united

I only looked at the work every time and I don't consider with whom I am working with. I don't think anybody needs the industry to be separated. Elders will decide on it considering what is good and bad. We should be happy that our audiences always encourage a good film, whether it is Telugu, Tamil, Hindi or English. They have no such feelings. So it would be nice if everything goes smooth and we are united.

Not working with Maruthi

'Radha' is shelved and the news that it will start soon is false. The story is not so much satisfactory and can't do that film.

Want to act in those roles

I want to act in negative roles, but I don't think if any director comes to me with them and the audiences accept me in them.