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I was shocked when he asked me to guide : Allari Naresh [Interview]

Friday, November 7, 2014 • Telugu Comments

Allari Naresh, who is eagerly awaiting the release of 'Brother of Bommali', talked about the film, reason behind roping in Karthika for his sister character, about director, his relation with the producer, his future films etc. in an exclusive interview with Indiaglitz.

What is 'Brother of Bommali' all about ?

Till now our Telugu audiences watched films which show how a brother and sister should be, how a brother protects his sister etc. But in 'Brother of Bommali', audiences will watch how a sister shouldn't be. How my sister creates problems for me and how I sacrifice many things and my anguish because of her should be seen on the screen.

It is your idea to cast Karthika as your sister. How did you imagine her in that role ?

We are twins. Audiences have to believe that we are sisters. The major factor is height. My height is 6'2'' and I thought my sister should be atleast 5'9". We have considered many actresses. But they were between 5'4" to 5'6". One day I thought Karthika would be perfect fit for the role, not only because of her height, but also because of her ability to perform well. I've watching her from her first film. She is a very good performer. Because of her long legs, her fights would also be believable. In addition, she should do controlled action without going overboard as it is a tomboy character. I thought she will be perfect.

But I doubted whether she will accept the role. Even when director Chinni approached her, she is not at all interested and was ready to deny. But after hearing the story, she was very happy and wanted to act in the film, as her character is very good and got lot of importance. Even her mother Radha was convinced after hearing the story.

Industry is place for many sentiments. Karthika's previous films in Telugu, 'Josh' and 'Dammu' failed at the box-office. Didn't you consider it ?

Why should we think so ? Her 'Rangam', though a dubbed film, was successful here. I don't bother about such sentiments. Because successes and failures are common for any actor. Karthika never failed as an actress.

The focus is more on Karthika's character now. Don't you think her character is dominating your's ?

I don't think so. We will be seen together in every scene together. She believes in punch power and I believe more on mind. The pain I feel because of my sister every time will be very funny and audiences will enjoy it.

We heard that Karthika did some floor movements without using rope. How did you compete with her ?

It's not about competing with her. Karthika's mother Radha is a very good dancer and she used to compete with Chiranjeevi. Karthika is also a classical dancer. When we were doing a pub song, during the break Karthika asked Prem Rakshith why they are not giving floor movements for heroines. Prem said that they are very difficult and she couldn't do. But Karthika wanted to do them. When Prem asked if she will do using ropes, she said that she will do without using ropes. Prem Rakshith was confident that she can't do them. But after sometime, we were very surprised that she did floor movements without using ropes. Everyone in the sets clapped for her dances. Prem Rakshith said that she will overshadow me with her dances. But I said she got only one song and I got three more and I will prove in them.

In other hero oriented films, she may not get chance to do floor movements. But she got a chance in this film and we are very happy about it. She even did fights very well and she has done an excellent job.

Brahmanandam's character is named Kona Venkat in this film. Is it any spoof ?

Brahmanandam is getting more claps than a hero with his entry and in the recent past, his characters are having funny names like 'Pulka', 'McDowells Murthy' etc. When we though of naming his character as Kola, he suggested the name Kona Venkat. At first we were hesitant because, it is the name of a very good writer and we have to take his permission. But Brahmanandam called Kona and took his permission. Kona Venkat even watched the film and is happy about it.

Is BB only an out and out comedy entertainer or does it have sentiment ?

Definitely the film has sentiment. But it is not over dose. It will be only a little bit. Why Karthika's character behaves so will be interesting.

'Veedu Theda' was not a hit. Reason behind working with director B.Chinni ?

Even my father's first film, 'Chevilo Puvvu' was a flop. Success and failure are common for any director.I don't consider them. I like the title 'Veedu Theda' so much and I like to have such a title for my film. I am happy that Nikhil got that title. Even I said it many times to Chinni. More than successes and failures, first of all, I see the commitment of the director. I liked the commitment of Chinni and the way he narrated the story and scenes in detail. So I worked with him.

Of late filmmakers are depending more on vulgarity. Is there such vulgar comedy in 'Brother of Bommali' ?

One of the easiest aspect in comedy is making spoofs on others or vulgarity. After 'Sudigadu', I stopped making spoofs because it is not good to imitate other heroes every time and I am losing my reputation. People are thinking that I am only depending on spoofs of other movies or actors and not having a particular identity for myself. Even if someone asked me to do spoofs, I denied and I am not doing them now.

I don't encourage vulgarity in my films because I've to feel comfortable watching my films with my mother or other family members. So I don't ever encourage vulgar dialogues. Genuine comedy is difficult to do. But I prefer genuine comedy rather than vulgarity.

Brother of Bommali is a clean entertainer. So the censor members gave 'U/A' certificate. Otherwise, we would have got an 'A'.

Your bonding with producer Ammiraju ?

More than a producer, everyone knows it Ammiraju is my cousin brother. He was born and brought up in our house and he turned producer with the encouragement of my father. The first film he produced, 'Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters' w

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