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Idhaya Thirudan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, February 9, 2006 • Tamil ]
Idhaya Thirudan Review
Jayam Ravi, Kamna, Nasser, Prakash Raj, Jyothirmayi, Vani Viswanath, Kalpana, Kaka Radhakrishnan, Madan Bob, Crazy Mohan, M S Baskar
Pushpa Kandaswamy

Saran, known for his commercial entertainers, has lived up to the expectations in Idhaya Thirudan. With the right mix of commercial ingredients, Saran succeeds in his attempt to sustain the momentum all through.

It is a typical love story allright. But the shrewd screenplay makes it work.

Deepika (Kamna Jethmalani), daughter of home secretary Sheela Rani Raghupathy (Vani Viswanath), is a college-going girl. She is fun-loving and a freaky girl. A sequence of events results in Deepika coming across a catering student Mahesh (Jeyam Ravi). Sheela Rani entrusts the job of apprehending a dreaded gangster (Nasser), who is hiding, to Assistant Commissioner of Police Mayil Ravanan (Prakash Raj).

Meanwhile, mistaking Mahesh to be running behind Deepika, Mayil Ravanan takes him to task on the instructions of Sheela Rani. Gradually Mahesh falls for Deepika. In order to avoid Mahesh, Deepika enacts a drama. She proposes to Mayil Ravanan.

However, a relentless Mahesh continues his love for her. A series of events results in Mayil Ravanan and Mahesh becoming friends. Meanwhile, through Sheela Rani, Mahesh's past is revealed. He is the son of the gangster in hiding. Elsewhere, Sheela Rani arranges for the marraige between Mayil Ravanan and Deepika. The rest is all but how the silence of Deepika is finally broken and she eventually expresses her love for Mahesh and holds his hands.

Jeyam Ravi looks refreshing. He not just looks good on the screen, but also emotes well. He seems to possess the right ingredients for the action-hero. Certainly a much better performance compared to his earlier films.

The glamour-oozing Kamna Jethmalani, is impressive. She has the screen presence and poise and also dances well. She is certain to give several actresses a run for their money.

As usual Prakash Raj shoulders major burden in the movie. A measured performance by the actor, who seems to grow younger every day. He deserves a special pat for his dignified portrayal.

Vani Viswanath, making a comeback in Kollywood, does her part well. The rest of the cast including Nasser, Santhanam, Ramesh Khanna , Khaaka Radhakrishnan and Kalpana fit the bill well. Jyothirmayi has performed an item-number, which reminds one of Cheena Thana.

Music-composer Bharadwaj seems to share a good rapport with Saran and has come up with some lively tunes for him this time too. Crazy Mohan's dialogues leave his stamp at several places.

Saran has always a way with gritty commercial entertainers. Though certainly not in the category of Amarkalam or Vasoolraja, Saran's Idhaya Thirudan is a sure attraction for youths.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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