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'Idi Naa Love Story' Review Live Updates

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 • Telugu Comments
9:44 am : Idi Naa Love Story just started. Run time is 132 minutes. Watch this space for LIVE updates
9:50 am : The film begins on a tense note. Tharun is now in the custody of police on the charge of raping a girl. The scene shifts to Araku, where the chocolate boy is dancing solo
10:05 am : Rom-com scenes involving Tharun and Oviya on. The hero just revealed that his is a case of love failure
10:16 am : Manchu Manoj has a cameo. Oviya has a performance oriented role. So far, only the two characters are seen
10:24 am : 'Kukka biscuit lo kukka lekunna, cream biscuit lo cream untundi', says the heroine in a serious scene. Don't know why.
10:29 am : Now Tharun compares powder milk with mother's milk in another serious scene from health perspective. Don't know why.
10:49 am : The interval comes at a semi tragic turn. The hero now wonders if he will win in love
11:10 am : The lead pair engage in a playful conversation where they touch upon cricket analogy, Newton's Third Law of Motion, the dilemma of forgoing a dowry, among others. Don't know why.
11:16 am : The hero stalks the same heroine. The film refuses to move away from the two characters.
11:23 am : 'Khali ga unna glass water expect chestundi, khali ga unna abbayi lover ni expect chestadu', the hero says. She likens friendship to a pencil, and love to an eraser. This is like a Banthi Prapancham.
11:42 am : Tharun's character is in an autobiographical mode. The second half till now is about a love story from which the hero himself has moved on. Don't know why
11:54 am : The heroine tells the hero she has a disease. He tells her she should tell him after having supper. Then power goes off. A romance song follows. This is an unprecedented Valentine's Day
12:02 pm : The End

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