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Seven serial killers who will scare the heck out of you!

Friday, October 12, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Smooth as a snake, dangerous as a devil.

Many serial killers have terrified human species and many may even roam around - be in our circle of friends, someone whom you may shake hands with every day (not to make you paranoid). While we really are shit-scared of these people, what makes them tick and what they are made of has been a really curious study for us. 

1.The Zodiac Killer

Identity- unknown

Kills: 5 confirmed, 37 claimed

Country: United States of America


The Zodiac Killer may well be the most famous on the list. Even a famous Hollywood flick was made on him. The Zodiac killer operated in Northern California from the 1960s to 70s. Interesting thing is that the case is still open.

Cold Fact: The zodiac killer has been a brainy chap. He sent four codes to decipher out of which cops managed to solve only one.

2.Joe Metheny

Nickname: The Cannibal

Kills: 5-10

Profession:  Roadside food vendor

Country: United States of America


Joe Metheny could have been any other old balding guy selling burgers to people on his food stand. He looks friendly and cheerful, even with children. You love his burgers, you find them really tasty. A day without his burgers feels empty to you. But then one day you discover that one of the main ingredients of his much-loved burgers is human flesh as well. . .

Woah. That escalated quickly.

Cold Fact: Methany has once stated that if you mix human flesh with animal flesh, no one would really notice.

3.Tsutomu Miyasaki

Nickname: The Dracula, The Little Girl Murderer

Kills: 4

Profession: Photographer

Country: Japan


As if being a notorious serial killer wasn’t enough, Tustomu was also a sexual creep. His preys were usually little girls (and hence the nickname)whom he killed and indulged in sexual activities with the corpse.

Cold Fact: He kept body parts of his victims as trophies and sent postcards describing the murder to the victims’ parents.

4.Ted Bundy

Nickname: The Crazy Necrophile

Kills: 30+

Profession: Political Campaigner

Country: United States of America


If not for his evil inclination, Ted Bundy may well have become America’s most noted and successful legal, political professional. Ted Bundy used to revisit the crime spots and engage sexual activity with the corpses of woman victims.

Cold Fact: He cut off the heads of at least 12 women and kept them as trophies in his apartment.

5.Ahmed Suradji

Nickname: The Sorcerer

Kills: 42

Profession: Cattle breeder

Country: Indonesia


Ahmed Suradji, the Indonesian has killed over 40 girls and women and buried them waist-deep in sugarcane fields. And he would bury them in a way facing his house. He believed that it gave him more power.

Cold Fact: He strangled his victims only after burying them

6.Andrei Chikatilo

Nickname: Butcher of Rostov

Kills: 53

Profession: Teacher

Country: Russia


Andrei Chikatilo was one of the most notorious serial killers of Russia between the period of 1978 and 1990. He is known for sexually assaulting, killing and mutilating women. He was captured in 1992 and was ordered to death by a firing squad.

Cold Fact: He was once quoted saying – “When I used my knife, it brought psychological relief...I was a mistake of nature.’

7.Gowri Shankar

Nickname: Auto Shankar

Kills: 6

Profession: Auto driver

Country: India


Shankar is a serial killer who operated in Chennai.  He and his gang were found guilty of six murders during 1988-99. Shankar burned the bodies of his victims or buried them in residential houses. His five accomplices were put to six months of rigorous imprisonment. Later his brother Auto Mohan was found guilty of the six murders and was awarded three life sentences. He was hanged to death in Salem Central Prison.

Cold Fact: Sometimes he cremated the bodies of his victims and threw the remains into the Bay of Bengal.

Well, now you can watch Dexter and Hannibal without batting an eyelid.

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