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I'll not cast them in my movies : Lakshmi Manchu
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 • Telugu Comments

Lakshmi Manchu, the actress who has played one of the lead roles in "Chandamama Kathalu", is very excited at the release of the film on April 25th. She has revealed many things about the movie like the problems she has faced to smoke cigarettes, her political plans etc in this interview.

Here are the excerpts from the interview..

Are you excited at the release of "Chandamama Kathalu" ? How is the pre release talk ?

Only a producer knows the hard work behind promoting a small film. But we are happy that a small film like ours has reached the audiences very well. The pre-release talk is very positive. I feel very honoured to have acted in a film like "Chandamama Kathalu". This film will sure remain in history.

What about your role in this film ?

I will be seen as a model in "Chandamama Kathalu". It is a very challenging role for me. As a frustrated model, I've to speak vulgar language, smoke and drink for this film.This is the most glamorous role I've done in my career. The role is similar to the roles in 'Fashion' movie. I'm very happy with the output.

Do you love experimenting with your roles ?

As an actress, I always love to experiment with my roles. I get bored if I do the same type of role every time. The Chitra role in "Gundello Godari" is very different from Lisa Smith role in "Chandamama Kathalu". I've now got the confidence as an artist.

Is the title "Chandamama Kathalu" apt for the movie ?

We used to hear Chandamama Kathalu in our childhood. All those stories will have a moral at the end. But our film will not have any message in it. The stories in this film are modern Chandamama Kathalu. We always think that we should entertain people as artists. Audiences will have a very fresh experience with this film .

What is the reason behind doing this film ?

I love the Hollywood film "Playing by heart" so much. I always has to remake that film with my father playing Sean Connery and me Angelina Jolie. But the people here won't accept an independent girl with many boy friends. So I cannot make that film. But when Praveen Sattaru narrated this story I was really excited and said that this is what I am waiting for and immediately signed the movie.

Have you faced any problems to smoke for this movie ?

Initially I was reluctant of smoking in front of every one and don't know how to do it.But the team has taught us the way and style of smoking. I've done a lot of research how models do smoke and observed many how they hold the cigarettes etc. I've even watched Fashion movie to see the style of smoking of models. Smoking is really a horrible experience for me. I don't know how people smoke.

What about the director Praveen Sattaru ?

Praveen Sattaru has directed the stories in this movie very well. He is a superb director and I wish all the best for his career ahead.

Do all the stories in this movie have a connection ?

Yes at a point of the movie all the stories will get connected.

Do you think actors should actively participate in promotions ?

Yes. It is the responsibility of an actor to take part in promotions. The movie could reach many if they participate in promotions. Some say that they are not interested in promoting a film. I think they are the biggest fools. I will not cast anyone, who doesn't promote the films, in my films, even if they are big actors.

Do you have any plans of directing a movie ?

Yes I do have. But I'm very scared of it. Direction is not a easy job. It involves a lot of effort.

You show interest in politics and support Narendra Modi . Do you have any plans of entering politics ?

I am very interested in politics and I'll sure make my political entry one day. But not now. Right now, I am very busy with my movies.

What are your future projects ?

'Doosukeltha' program shoot is going on now. I've also done a short film and it will released post the elections. The pre production work of a film, in which I act and produce is going on now.

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