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Impact of GST on everyday items
Saturday, July 1, 2017 • Hindi Comments

The rollout of GST last night meant a sleepless night for many in the country. What does it mean for the common person?

Tax on household gas stoves goes down from 28.8% to 18%, but Aluminium utensils will now be taxed at 12%, as opposed to 8.1% pre-GST.

Milk and fruits will not be taxed, while fruits juices will now be taxed at only 12% instead of 18.1%. A 12% tax is levied on ghee (earlier 5%) and 5% on tea (earlier 2%).

Products that will be slightly costlier are medicine (12%), cosmetics (28%), washing machines (28%), air conditioners (28%), refrigerators (28%), mixers and grinders (28%), TV (28%) and electric fans (28%).

A whopping decrease can be noted for mineral water and soda drinks, and toothpaste, which went down to 18% from 35.5% and 27%, respectively.

Cooking oil will now be taxed a mere 5% (11% pre-GST), while soap 8% (down from 27%).

Marginal decreases can be noted for LPG cylinders, 18% tax instead of 19.7%.

Smart phones might be more affordable as only 12% tax will be applicable, while laptops will be costlier with 28% tax.