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Imran Khan: I'm Happy That I Am Compared To Ranbir Kapoor
Friday, August 16, 2013 • Hindi Comments

The chocolate boy of the industry Imran Khan enters a zone of Gangster love saga with his latest film ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara’. IndiaGlitz got candid with this boyish charmed actor to know more about the film..

What is your take on "Tayyab Ali" song?

It stated originally from the script that there is a Tayyab Ali type situation. There is a friend of mine in film, Dedh Taang, he has polio. His girlfriend is Shaheen. Dedh Taang come to me and say that Shaheen’s father is not letting her come out of the house. He threatens to kill her father if he doesn’t allow meeting Shaheen. It is a funny situation; then I help him to get his girlfriend out of the house with her friend who is Sonakshi. This is the scene when I and Sonakshi meet. In the script it is written Tayyab Ali type situation. We will create some song. Shooting got started, got over also and now only 15 days were left. Song came but they didn’t like it. So I don’t remember from whom the idea came from Milan or from Rajat - they suggested ‘Let’s take the original song only. Get the rights and do our version’. The song arrived on the day of shooting. Before that we didn’t heard the song. Choreography was on the spot no planning and no prior rehearsal.

There were reports that you got intimidated by Rishiji?

Obviously because you are remaking an iconic song of such a big star. I was nervous whether did he like that or not. Did I do justice to the song or not. I was very concern. Meeting him was scary thought but he was gracious. He only brought it up and said you have done this song. I said how do you find it? And he said why you are scared? You have done a good job. You should not be afraid.

How was working with Akshay? How he is as a co-star?

All are rumour.. people who started this story are jealous person. My experience with him is Akshay is always who enhance the film enhance the co actors. For example in the first look launch I was supposed to come by riding a bike then Akshay said ‘It is very common. Why don’t you stand, my bodyguard will ride the bike you just stand on it taking knee support. He came up with this idea. Akshay thought of better entry for me. He has made me do rehearsal. There is no profit for him in that then why would he do so. He did because wanted to make something better. No actors go out of the way for other actors. Why would anyone do it until you have direct benefit. He did for the goodness of his heart. He is such a nice guy.

How you guys gel as a co-stars?

It was fine. Akshay and Sonakshi are much uncomplicated people. Both of them are ultimate professionals. They come on time do their work and always ready for one more take and shots whatever the director wants. There is no hint of ego or drama or aura of stardom. They have worked consistently to have that yet they don’t.

Was it intimidating for you that what will be your space in the film as Akshay he is becoming a baddie after a very long time?

There is always a challenge when you are entering a role what you have not done before. Working with Akshay it made it easier just by his friendly gesture. If he had his ego or attitude they it would have been tough.

There are certain sections that criticise you acting. What is your take on it?

In any creative field there will be people who like you work and who don’t. You have to be okay with that. I ignore the criticism entirely. Criticism for me come from my director.

‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’ did not do well at the box-office?

That was not on my hand. Everyone liked my work. My work is on my hand but if film is not good you can’t blame me for that.

Are you trying to get out of lover boy image?

I am not doing anything. I do film which I like.

Are you conscious of your image?

No I don’t have an image. I do films which I find interesting. Everything every film of mine is like an image breaker which is a good thing.

What thing you keep in mind while signing the film?

Will I watch this movie? Nobody knows that the film is a hit or flop. It is not there in anyone’s hand. I always ask myself would I watch this movie. Would I buy the ticket and go to theatre and watch it.

You belong to the creative family so what are your future plans?

I don’t know. I have not set a time frame but yes writing, direction. Production every actor is turning producer so that will definitely happen. Writing and direction I intended to train for.

Your grandparent movies; will you buy them and or revive his banner?

I don’t have to buy the rights they are with us only. Reviving a banner is a tricky thing. Frankly it is a very scary thought. He gave his entire life to create a name for himself of certain respect. And me to do something in his name I think it is very scary. Because whatever he has done in his life earned him a respect and whatever I will be doing under is name is taking his legacy which is very scary. Success and failure under my name I will take it I am afraid of using his name and not doing justice to it. I don’t want to do something which will damage his name. I can’t play with his reputation. I am happy to take gamble on my name but not on his name.

What type of film you basically like to do?

I like human drama Inter-personal relationship. Coincidently I am doing that in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara. Everyone is talking about gangster film, period film but all this are irrelevant. It is actually a story of three people. There is Shohaib who killed his mentor to become the don of the city and is now ruling the city. There is Aslam who is taken under Shohaib’s wing and groomed Shohaib look at the Aslam as a star student who can take things forward. There is a great love between these two men. Now there is a girl who both of them falls in love with unknowingly. And it becomes a conflict. Aslam is torn between the man who gave him everything and a woman he loves. Shohaib is in love with this woman. It is there story now the backdrop of gangster and all are the sceneries. This liked so much about the film.

Was it a personal struggle?

Milan is a not a gimmick film maker. Watch Once Upon A Time or Dirty Picture they all were human story which come out of a personal struggle.

You have always being compared to Ranbir kapoor? Does it bother you?

Anyways they are comparing me with a talented person. No it does not bother me at all. If they start comparing me with untalented person then I will be offended.

What is your Mamu Aamir Khan’s contribution in your success?

Zero. No feedback. He never met a director of mine