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In The Name Of God


Season : 1Episode : 7Release Date : 18/06/2021


The names of the episodes are colourful. From 'Big Bang' to 'Udyoga Parvam', they invite the viewer to have high expectations. Even some of the names are curious.

Rating - 2 / 5

In The Name Of God - A Long-drawn-out Crime Drama

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 18, 2021 ]

'In The Name Of God' has started streaming on Aha. The web series is a crime thriller. In this section, we are going to tell you whether it can be given a try.


Ayyappa (Posani Krishna Murali), who makes a living by catering to sex-thirsty youngsters on YouTube, gets murdered by his disloyal wife Meena (Nandini Rai). Meena and her boyfriend Thomas (Vikas), who sells ganja and lives a sinful life, collaborate in implicating Aadhi (Priyadarshi), a humble cabbie who has lustful feelings for Meena.

But the woman and her boyfriend don't see the catastrophe raring its ugly head in the shape of a host of criminal characters: Vishnu (Chandrakanth Dutta), Fakir (Uma Maheswar Rao) and Rossi (Mohammad Ali Baig).


In telling the story of a bunch of illegitimate characters and their lawless persuasions, writer-director Vidyasaagar Muthukumar falls back on characters who backstab at short notice when they don't stab from the front at an even shorter notice. The characters become generous when they have to reel off cuss words. Forbidden Telugu words such as 'De&*utha' and 'Lan&a kod*ka' are all over the place. (It's good that OTT eschews censorship; if not, the censor board would have had to work harder than frontline covid warriors to mute/beep the sinful words in the series.)

Amidst a sea of banal situations that just don't make the cut, it's Priyadarshi's earnest performance that offers a respite. Otherwise, the 7-episode series is a sprint from one sapless physical attack to another forced evil motive.

Too many events are crammed into the otherwise unidimensional lives of the show's very many characters. The male lead gets married, a character reworks on her dream to shine on the small screen, a local henchman loses his pet dog to a contrived accident, a call girl shares her backstory ('I saw my father naked'), a woman with a hidden motive sleeps with an unsuspecting man, a father helplessly seeks Jesus' forgiveness of his son's sins, so on and so forth. The cacophony never gives way to edginess.

The theme of some or the other character losing cool and raging on endlessly is a leitmotif 'ING' just can't shake off. Every now and then, two sets of characters are seen arguing and go on the verge of almost eliminating each other. When they are not having verbal duels, some of them are seen either vomiting or spitting as if it's a national sport.

The names of the episodes are colourful. From 'Big Bang' to 'Udyoga Parvam', they invite the viewer to have high expectations. Even some of the names are curious. A middle-aged man named Paramanandam has always lived a sorry life and is now suffering from lung cancer. Behind the facade, though, the story plods along. Rossie feels like a done-to-death Ram Gopal Varma character. Fakir is another old-fashioned character who screams and assaults too much.

Priyadarshi's Aadhi rages on, he cries, he gets victimized, he seeks victims, he attacks. Despite the tonal shifts in his characterization and the very many shades, Aadhi fails to make us root for his overt/ covert agenda. For a crime series populated by one too many cruel men, 'ING' gets monotonous after a point.

Nandini Rai's character loses its appeal after the first few episodes. The impotent rage of the men around her, the question marks, the low-end staging of the scenes - nothing manages to steal the show.


'In The Name Of God' has no takeaways. The performances are good, but what is welcome is outdone by what sticks around hopelessly.


Cast: Priyadarshi, Nandini Rai, Posani Krishna Murali

Director: Vidyasaagar Muthukumar

Writer: Vidyasaagar Muthukumar

Music: Deepak Alexander

Producer: Suresh Krissna

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