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Inji Iduppazhagi (aka) Inji Idupazhagi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, November 27, 2015 • Tamil ]
Inji Iduppazhagi (aka) Inji Idupazhagi Review
PVP cinema
Arya, Anushka, Sonal Chauhan
Prakash Kovelamudi
Prasad V Potluri

Gone are the days when women centric films were considered as experimental. The changing trends and preferences of audience have started welcoming such films as a refreshing change from usual run of the mill larger than life hero oriented subjects. That too with a star like Anushka, who has pulled off the blockbuster ''Arundathi'' and the recent hit film ''Rudhramadevi'', the film gets star attraction too. Arya, who has always been open to any kind of roles joins her in ''Inji Idupazhagi''. Let''s check what the film has to offer.

Soundarya aka Sweety (Anushka) is a kind-hearted girl with a positive approach towards life. Being fat is not a problem for her, but for her conservative mother Rajeshwari (Oorvashi) it is a huge problem as it blocks her daughter''s chances of getting married.

Sweety gets the friendship of Abhishek aka Abhi (Arya) and starts falling for him. After she gets heart-broken that Abhi is interested in another girl Simran (Sonal Chauhan) and also to put an end to her mother''s woes, Sweety enrolls herself for an instant weight-loss program run by ''Size Zero'' Sathyan (Prakash Raj).

Only after joining, she learns that the instant weight loss techniques are severely harmful to the user’s life and starts a campaign against Sathyan’s business with the support of Abhi who is fitness freak and believes fitness has to be achieved by exercises and diet.

The rest is all about Sweety''s campaign and how her relationship with Abhi grows.

Director K.S.Prakash Rao and the script writer Kanika Dhilomn have tried to present a feel good film with a tropical message. The film does not have comedy track, fight scenes, aesthetically shot duets, mind games and other requirements of a normal commercial entertainer. But still it is highly engaging and entertaining and does not drag anywhere.  The scriptwriter and director have also kept the clichés that could be associated with films like these at a minimum and tolerable level.

The characterization of Sweety is another big plus for the film. Thankfully a fat woman has not been used as a laughing stock in the film. She is being teased at a few instances, but they seem natural and reflect the attitude of the society towards skinny people.  Sweety has been shown as a confident, kind-hearted and fun loving person and she never feels herself down at any moment for her looks only as an emotional outburst at a point in her life. She recovers from that too.  This makes her character more relatable and respectable.

The relationship between Sweety and her family members and friends have been cutely written and executed. Especially her relationship with her grandfather may look old but it is really cute.

Half way through, the film, which starts tale of pressure faced by a woman for her looks not being in tune with the general norms and expectations of the society turns as a campaign against the general tendency to lose weight instantly. The ideas used in this campaign are engaging, though they look as convenient options. But due to the dilemma between the two, the insistence of inner beauty and critique on society’s way of treating fat people becomes a little shallow and dampens the impact.

The final episodes to unite the lead pair are over-stretched and look like additions to increase the running time.

The bigger problem of this film is that most of the scenes and songs are only dubbed in Tamil. Except Arya, Anushka and Oorvashi all others are Telugu actors and Tamil lip sync is proper only in scenes between Arya and Anushka. This may be a turn off for Tamil audience. But thankfully the concept of the film is universal.

Anushka has given a brilliant performance yet again. Her acting and emotions are impeccable and we cannot think another actress in this role. Her childish looks and inherent cuteness are added advantages to the well-written character. Arya should be praised for acting in such a film where his role is reduced to that of a supporting character in predominant part of the film. He does entire justice to the character offered to him. Oorvashi proves yet again that she is a veteran who is good at making us laugh and drop a tear. But her characterization is clichéd and we cannot blame her for that. Sonal Cauhan gives what is required for her character. Actors who come as Anushka’s grandfather and younger brother are likeable.

The cameos of Nagarjuna, Jiiva, Tamannah, Sridivya, Hansika, Kajal Aggarwal, Bobby Simha, Rana and Revathy are used in a clever and captivating manner.

Songs by Maragadamani do not match the Tamil sensibilities or music taste. Save the ''Inji Idupazhagi'' remix which is also shot utilizing the lovable chemistry between Arya and Anushka is a good take away. Re-recording is just okay.

Nirav Shah''s cinematography is colorful and his technique of capturing certain shots in rotation mode to increase the impact of the scriptwriter''s vision is praiseworthy. Editor Prawin Pudi could have made the second half a little more crisper.

Verdict : After watching ''Inji Idupazhagi'', you will leave the movie hall with a smile and satisfaction.

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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