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Innanu aa Kalyanam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, December 6, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Innanu aa Kalyanam Review
Rajith Menon, Malavika, Sharanya Mohan
Innanu Aa Kalyanam

Apart from the breaking down of scenes for shooting and training the actors, it is the realisation of the sensibility of a scene or plot that makes a winning and quality director. Perhaps, that seems to be the whole thing missing with the film `Innanu Aa Kalyanam' and its makers.....Yes, loads of sensibility.  Denied that, you will find girls pleading for love in heavy melodrama where the lead man's father is dead, waiting to get buried.  You can witness the lead lady employing her closest pal to convey her love to her lover in sequences that goes on for at least for a year or more.   And you will find a guy, living off a wealthy man demanding lakhs at regular intervals, for donating two bottles of blood in a critical stage.  Adding to these all is that old fashioned plot where the virtuous hero from a poor background is wooed by the rich girl, who doesn't have the courage to reveal it.

The movie has Malavika (Of 'Malarvady' fame) as Neelima, the only daughter of the wealthy Nair played by Saikumar. Neelima   who is ready to do anything for  his college mate karthick (Rajath Menon), is trying to impress him with the help of her bosom friend Ayesha(Sharanya Mohan), but don't have the strength to speak a single word about  her feelings  to him. Karthick on the other hand turns up from a poor background and finds Ayesha to posses everything that she can lookout in a girl of his future. Into the confusion drama, pulls in the spoilt brat Kunjumon (Roshan of 'Plus two') son of Sundhareshan (Jagathy) who has taken a avow to somehow marry Neelima. The movie is all about this tad old campus track in which the hero finally succumbs to his silent lover.

Then being a campus story, there is that mandatory moronic principal (Suraj venjaaramoodu), the sexy teacher who woos him, the peon who is the local post master of loving hearts , the tour, camp fire  and the attached group dance, which all continues in its cliched sequences. Rajasenan has tried this time to make Saikumar and Ashokan (who is an NRI here with a foul-mouthed Malayalam), play some silly jokes which backfire really ending up as senseless buffoonery.

The problem with the film is that its script is as old as the hills; with the love triangle lifeless and outdated leaving you cold from the very start.  Since the writing is so childish, so amateurish and fragile,  its crash is imminent. The execution of neither the subject, nor the forced comedy tracks manages to catch your attention.

The four young man in the lead has tried their level best to keep the proceedings under control but fails as the scripts offer them little new to built on. But even in this regular chaos, Saranya Mohan, does a lovable job and is the only actor in the movie who makes an impression. Roshan as the baddie plays to the demands of the role and is a, while Malavika and Rajath appear wooden and just manages to be in the characters.

Rejasenan has marginally improved his quality in the technical front with Vinod Illampally doing fine job in the cameras. All the songs by Bijipal are hummable, while a couple may enter the hit charts.

With a lot of experience in store, it is high time directors like Rajasenan do some serious homework on the changing standards and viewing patterns of cinema, rather than continuing with his old memories and practices  of making wits. Or else, he is destined to face the doom with movies continuously going down in the Box Office without a trace. After going through this, who will be still interested in this 'Kalyanam'? If you still dare to take a chance, go with the minimum expectations.

Rating: 4/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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