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Exclusive : Inside Details Revealed! Bigg Boss 3 House Tour

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Bigg Boss 3 which is set to start on June 23rd is one of the most anticipated shows to hit the TV screens. With new contestants this year, the show is likely to garner a phenomenal viewership as always. Previous seasons saw participants such as Oviya, Julie, Harish Kalyan, Yashika Aannand, Aishwarya Dutta, Mahat and Janani Iyer catch attention for the right or wrong reasons. The first season winner was Aarav and the second edition was won by Riythvika. With just a few days left to go for this season to start, here’s presenting to you all the inside details of the Bigg Boss 3 house.

Cameras - Of course, the first thing to talk about when it comes to Bigg Boss is cameras. This time also it’s “Odavum Mudiyadhu Oliyavum Mudiyadhu” with 60 advanced visible cameras and countless more hidden cameras. The night vision cameras are smaller and different from the morning ones possibly to capture every detail possible.

Outside Area - The lawn outside the house has wooden chairs and a sofa. There is also a prop which consists of the front portion of a tractor with wheels placed outside. One wonders what use it will be put to… A jail on the right side has a western toilet inside. Fancy punishment right? An 8 shaped swimming pool about 5 feet deep is also part of the set-up. Another recreation cum exercising space, a gym is present, but the equipment is yet to arrive. There are also night lamps and a fire extinguisher, but no bean bags. In accordance with feng shui, there are several ‘vastu chakras’ placed along the walls.

Entrance - The outside appearance of the house which has a traditional theme seems to be a Carnatic essence mixed with a vintage style. As soon as one enters there is a statue mounted on the wall holding an ‘aruvaal’ which appears like Ayyanar or Muneeswarar.

Living Room - The living room consists of a yellow and blue sofa. The colourful room has a TV surrounded with photo frames with various pictures depicting images such as a knife going into the Bigg Boss eye, someone eavesdropping, a half face, masks, and the classic 3 monkeys. There is also a huge photo of a saint placed on the wall. Chairs resembling hippopotamuses in brown, yellow and blue are also present. There is also a picture depicting ‘Bharatanatyam’ above which there is an image of ‘Parai Isai’ with ‘Thappu Melam.’

Kitchen and Dining Area - The kitchen appears like a mobile restaurant vehicle with headlights. There is a photo frame that says that products like love, time and affection can't be bought in a shop. The dining table which is centered in the dining area has a capacity of 12 to 13 members. Between the dining room and the bedroom leveled stools have been placed near the glass walls.

Smoking Room - The smoking room has an old oven type setup with small cameras placed inside.

Bedrooms - There are 16 beds in total with 2 single beds in each of the men and women’s rooms, and the rest are double beds. There is a half portrait of Kamal Haasan in ‘Virumandi’ above which there is a picture of an elephant. There is also a picture of an actress depicted on the wall. The women’s room is styled in pink and the men’s room in blue. There is no divider between the rooms, just a creative fence like couch that has been placed in the middle. Women also have a separate bathroom in the room.

Confession Room - This popular room in Bigg Boss is located on the side of the kitchen and is seen to have a king or god-like figure with binoculars on the door and an elephant blessing him.

Restroom - The restroom has a mirror styled like a water tanker with 2 basins creatively crafted in the form of iron drums. The walls are covered with green leaves. There are 2 western toilets and 2 bathrooms. There is also a room for dress change. There are small speakers placed inside the restroom.

Overall Ambience - The overall atmosphere seems to be a play on colours with a traditional touch. The Tamil Kalacharam seems to have inspired the making of the set. The appearance may be going back to our roots, but how true that will be of the contestants is a question that remains to be answered.

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