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Is it right to sell alcohol at theatres in India?

Saturday, May 16, 2020 • Telugu Comments

Is it right to sell alcohol at theatres in India?

Nag Ashwin came up with a suggestion that like in countries like USA, UK and few others, what if alcohol sales are allowed at Indian theatres. He opined that it will improve the admissions and also the experience of film viewers at theatres.

Many people prefer to have a drink like beer or brandy or wine, when they watch a film at their homes. This is not only a hobby of rich people but many middle class people and even lower income class people also prefer to drink and watch the films.

We see fans of actors drinking and walking into theatres on release days as it is a celebration for them. But can we allow it as a beverage at theatres? This is a tricky one.

As a society, we don't see alcohol as a necessary beverage like other countries. May be the drinkers are many but the admission is public, still has a taboo attached to it. Our governments, not just the recent ones, promise to abolish alcohol as alcoholism is one of the biggest problems in our households in rural areas.

We are not as evolved as a society like in other countries when it comes to limiting the alcohol consumption in public places and even though women in urban areas are coming out and buying alcohol or openly admitting about consumption, we still feel ladies shouldn't be involved in such activities.

From Rural areas, there will be more resistance for this idea as women they suffer with husbands, males of their family being addicts and alcoholism among lower income class is a bigger problem, even today.

Selling alcohol at theatres, will be seen as enabling their vulgar comments or behavior which will keep families away. Until, our society does accept alcohol as just another beverage and be educated about how mild alcohol consumption, should be, we can't take such suggestions forward.

This article is written to just share our opinion on a suggestion that seemed lucrative and plausible but too urban centric and even urban areas, we will have certain problems like abusers, ruining experience for others. May be after 5 or 10 years, we can start with selling mild alcohol beverages at theatre snack counters, with great restrictions and more number of bouncers, security staff!

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