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It is just a speculation : Nagarjuna [Interview]

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 • Telugu Comments

Nagarjuna is very happy with the output of 'Manam' and is very excited about the release of the film on May 23rd. He has revealed many interesting things about the film, his emotional with his father, about Naga Chaitanya, his upcoming films etc in an interview.

Here are the excerpts from the interview

It happened so

After '100% Love', I thought that it was the best time we three had to work. Even my father said that Chaitu has done a very good job in that film and said we have to act in a film. He stressed me to make things fast, saying that he was aged and he had little time.

I said him not to worry about his age and he will definitely hit 100. It's been almost two and half years and I think the tumour has started growing inside him then itself. We heard many stories and all are of typical grand father, father and son stories, which are very routine. Then Nithin's father Sudhakar Reddy called me and suggested to hear Vikram Kumar's story. Vikram was doing 'Ishq' then. We liked the story immediately after hearing it. It seemed very fresh and magical. But as the movie is very prestigious one for us, I asked Vikram to prove him in Telugu and said we will work if 'Ishq' movie becomes hit. Vikram has shown me the film even before the release and had given green signal for 'Manam' project, liking 'Ishq' so much.

He suggested it

Vikram had asked me for a time of about one year to prepare a perfect script. I narrated the story to Raghavendra Rao garu. He liked it but said that the story was very complex. When we said it, Vikram came up with a simpler version. When I asked him to narrate in the duration of the movie, he narrated me in two and half hours. But my father asked every detail of the film and Vikram has to narrate him for over six hours. My father said that he liked the story so much, but the second half is a little bit complex.

He suggested to come up with a grand father and grand son comedy as Telugu people always receive it very well. After introducing that element, the script became complete and we started the film.

Got tensed then

We have first thought of roping in P.C.Sriram for the Cinematography, but as he was busy with Shankar's film, we could not get him. I got tensed then, because we were looking for the best to give the best. The film spans over 100 years from 1920s to 2030. People have changed a lot, their appearances changed and the country has changed a lot in this period. The movie shows how the world has changed around a clock tower. That is where the magic happens. We show how the things have changed in the world.

It is all about 'Manam'

Sitting together with the director and assistant directors we came up with this line for 'Manam'. "Manam is a sign that things have changed and our sorrows for joy have been exchanged. Night and day and morning and evening, the movement of souls united. In feeling 'Manam' cosmic balance re arranged". Some things may wrong in one life, but they are corrected in the other life. The universe and nature itself corrects the mistakes it made in one life in the other.

It may look complex. But we have explained in such a simple manner that everyone can understand it. In my career, whenever I kept aside the commercial formulas aside and acted believing in the story, they are successful. 'Manam' is such an experimental film for me. It will be sure a success.

No calculations

I've absolutely made no calculations for this film. All through my career I've experimented. When I was about to do Annamayya after a youthful film like 'Ninne Pelladatha', Krishna Vamsi has requested me not to do it, saying it won't suit me. But I have went on with it.

'Manam' to get the feeling 'us'

We've titled it as 'Manam' it brings the feeling 'us'. Vikram said the Hindi title 'Hum', but we didn't agree with him. The title is very apt for the film. Everything in the film is related with the film, even there is a branding strategy behind using the same poster design.

Nothing complex

There is nothing complex in this subject and it can't be explained simpler than this. There is rebirth concepts in the film and we live in different periods. My father had acted in a film based on reincarnation concept, I acted in "Janaki Ramudu" also deals with reincarnation subject. Even 'Magadheera' and 'Arundathi' are based on it. But in those films, they are reborn for a purpose. But in this film, there is no such purpose.

It is honour him

Our father used to like Amitabh Bachchan so much and I had the idea to include a character of Amitabh only to honour my father's last film. Actually Amitabh Bachchan's role is not important in this film, but we have created a small role for him. When we asked him to act in this film as a honour to my father, he said it is a honour to him to act in ANR's last film and immediately agreed.

Just a speculation

Akhil has not acted in this film and it is just a speculation. He has come to the sets only because it was the final days of shoot.

Emotional moments

We have not held an audio function because, it was not the right time. If we held an audio function, our fans expect us something from us at the venue. We are going through an emotional time and at this time, we can't do it. Even the guests don't say other then "ANR should have been here". So we didn't held any event.

Sad that it completed

We are very sad that the film is over because our journey with our father for this film has completed. He has taught us the importance of the family in his last days. So we have named the producers as Akkineni family, not Nagarjuna.

Chaitu improved a lot

Naga Chaitanya has improved a lot as an actor for this film, as he did right from the start of his career. He has improved a lot from Ye Maya Chesave to 100% Love. Sukumar praised him then that he had a lot of potential in him. He has acted in some drinking scenes with my father and his comedy timing has also improved a lot. He has done a very good job.

I'm responsible

I am responsible for my failures and take credits for my success. Because it is my decisions regarding story selection or any other thing, which will affect the people. Recently I've made a wrong decision regarding 'Bhai' and I take responsibility of the failure as I selected the story.

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