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Its My Love Story Music Review

Its My Love Story Music Review
Shirdi Sai Combines
Aravind Krishna, Nikitha, Vennela Kishore, Vennela Ramarao, Kalpika, DV, Dinesh, Harish, Yamini, Rakesh, Sarika, Ashok, Charan, Sandhya Bhavani, Rajesh, Imax Venkat, Meghana Shruthi, Veerabhadram, Madhuri J, Prathik, Vishnu, Bhavana and Shikara
Madhura Sreedhar
MVK Reddy
Sunil Kasyap
Delightfully inspired
IndiaGlitz [Monday, November 7, 2011 • తెలుగు] Comments

Madhura Sridhar does it again by extracting a mix of melodious, wistful and hummable numbers from Sunil Kashyap.  What makes the album of It's My Love Story a worthy one is its honest effort.

Lyrics by Sira Sri are a walkover.

Muppai Sekanley    Listen here

Artists: Hemachandra, Sunil Kashyap, Pranavi, Nikitha
Lyricist: Sira Sri

A fairly well-composed song by Sunil Kashyap.  Muppai Sekanley has that mature ring to it, in no less measure because of the lyrics (Sira Sri).  However, care could have been taken in getting the right mix of musical notes to boost the feel of the song.

Neeloni Digule    Listen here

Artist: Pranavi
Lyricist: Sira Sri

The song sounds like a cross between a Mickey J Meyer melody and a Keeravani euphony.  This makes it truly hummable.  Lyrics give a prominent voice to the girl who is newly born in love.

Ninnale Lede    Listen here

Artist: Dinker, Chaitra
Lyricist: Sira Sri

You might have heard it in one Bollywood film or another.  The music is ear-popping and completely sways over the voice of the singers for good part.  But when the singers assert themselves, Ninnale Lede holds your attention, albeit for a brief spell.

Thadi Pedavule Kadisi   Listen here

Artist: Karunya, Chaitra
Lyricist: Sira Sri

When Ismail Darbar goes Sufi, the result will be Thadi Pedavule Kalisi.  Immensely affected, the song is still worth a listen.  Karunya graces it with his enjoyable voice.  So also Chaitra.

Gallate   Listen here

Artists:  Pranavi, Sunil Kashyap
Lyricists: Harin Chandra, Sira Sri

It really begins well, with Pranavi's mischevous voice singing amusing lyrics about love.  Mid-way, however, the song loses its way.  Never mind the boisterous frequency, Gallate is, true to its name, noisy.

Nindaina Nee Chelimi   Listen here

Artists: Karunya, Pranavi
Lyricist: Sira Sri

The last number turns out to be the best.  The good-humoured treatment makes it all the more enjoyable.  The Dev D influence cannot be missed.  Nindaina Nee Chelimi will leave you awe-struck.  The score may not be brilliant, but it is a admirably delightful.