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Jaggu Daada Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, June 11, 2016 • Kannada ]
Jaggu Daada Review
Darshan, Diksha sait, surjan lokesh.
Radhuvendra Hegde
Radhuvendra Hegde

What best the fans of challenging star Darshan can ask? It is loaded in this film with lavish production and protracted screenplay. Debutant director Raghavendra Hegde has measured it well and at places it is in excess. Otherwise it is pukka action masala film with dose of comedy, mesmerizing cinematography and lilting tunes add up ‘Jaggu Daada’.
He is boss of underworld. Nothing can stop him with his muscular strength. He has tons of power in his arms. He is a good ‘Jaggu Daada’ too because he knows where to pinch and punch. Jaggu Dada has a grandfather who ruled underworld for a long time and went into coma for 15 years. He returns from coma and take a promise from his grandson Jaggu to marry a traditional girl. The grand old man wants to stop underworld activities to his generation. That is not possible says Jaggu mother (played by Urvashi). She is the main force for Jaggu Daada to attain No.1 position in underworld. For Jaggu it is his grandfather after death comes as ghost and asks him to perceive his promise.
So the handsome tall and well build Jaggu wants a traditional girl. His power in underworld does not fetch a single girl in Bengaluru. He is forced to move to Mumbai for a traditional girl. In Mumbai he takes on three things _ a lovely girl to marry, a Mumbai underworld and an honest person who is duped by underworld don with public money.
Jaggu Dada also becomes Mumbai Daada. In the final finish Jaggu gets the support of his ghost grandfather (Ravishanker) to settle the scores with enemies.
Challenging star Darshan has emoted well at places, his comedy is also appreciable and action is ‘Rustum’ work from him that cheers up his fans. The costume selection for Darshan in this film is superb. The dialogue from Chitan is up to the mark. Deeksha Sait is a good match for Darshan on silver screen. Srujan Lokesh, Vishal Hegde, Ananthnag, Achyuth Kumar rendered good support.
HC Venu is outstanding in his camera work. The wide and close up shots are spectacular.

V Harikrishna has come out with three lovely songs - Thale Keduthe best among all.
If you are a Darshan fan, if you are an action lover _ you cannot miss one.

Rating: 3.50 / 5.0

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