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'Jai Simha' Review Live Updates

Friday, January 12, 2018 • Telugu Comments
6:55 am : Film just started. Run time is 163 minutes. Watch this space for LIVE updates
7:00 am : The opening scene features Nayanthara on a hospital bed. She delivered a baby. Enter Bakakrishna, setting his foot in the railway station. He is a worker at a mining company
7:07 am : It has been only 8 minutes since the film started and atleast 3 injustices have happened in front of Balayya's eyes. The scene shifts to Kumbakonam, where Murali Mohan is maturity personified
7:13 am : '30 yella nundi idhe figure ela maintain chestunnaru?' a comedian asks Brahmanandam. A treat to Brahmi fans amongst us
7:18 am : 'Kalakeya' Prabhakar is Kaniappan, an unethical businessman who loves his younger brother the most.
7:24 am : When a cop challenges Balayya to show his power, our hero lifts a four-wheeler with his right hand. Enough said..
7:33 am : Natasha Doshi is Dhanya, a spoilt brat. Thanks to a misadventure by Brahmi, she falls for Balayya. Location shift. A colorful duet in Dubai starts
7:44 am : Yet another injustice. This time, actually, it's a riot. Balayya steps in with his gyan on temple rituals, etc. 'Gunde dehanni bathikisthadi, gudi deshanni bathikisthadi,' the Nata Simha says at the end of a long monologue.
7:56 am : Nayanthara enters the screen as Prakash Raj's daughter. He is her mother, guide, friend and philosopher.
8:05 am : It's time for a gravity defying fight between the hero and Kalakeya Prabhakar's henchmen. The pace is sluggish thus far
8:12 am : A twist arrives at interval. The back story of Nayanthara and Balayya to be narrated in the second half
8:13 am : Interval
8:25 am : A scene between Nata Simha and Prabhakar packs a punch. The film takes a backward leap by 3 years. In the flashback, in the very first shot, Balayya encounters some wrongdoing.
8:33 am : After miraculously addressing the injustice with public support, Balayya indulges in a duet with Nayanthara. Ashutosh Rana has a key role in the second half
8:48 am : We are told that our hero taught a lesson to four criminals. Therefore, you have four more injustices. Each of the four incidents is separately narrated. Keep a count.
8:52 am : Hari Priya enters the screen as Manga, mechanic shed owner Balayya's employee. Rom com scenes involving the hero and Nayan on
9:09 am : The story takes a familiar path. The flashback should have been cut short. Shivaji Raja, Duvvasi Mohan and others seen in the flashback
9:22 am : Balayya evokes pity in a sentimental scene. So does Prakash Raj. The film enters the pre climax phase
9:34 am : It's a fight in the end. A formula of yore has been presented without even rehashing. The End