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Janma Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, April 27, 2013 • Kannada ]
Janma Review
Santosh, Meenakshi, Sithara, Ponnambala, Thalaivasan Vijay, Anuradha, Bullet Prakash
Anekal Balaraj
Anoop Seelin


It is not a convincing birth (meaning of Janma) for debutant director Chakravarthy. He has wasted a few crores of producer money with poor technical results and lethargic style of narration. Chakravarthy as Chandrachud is also a journalist. He had not seen the film in the perspective of commercial platform and makes very boring and senseless scenes at places. It is high time directors like Chakravarthy are checked from the perspective of producer and audience point of view. Laced with Dr Rajakumar demise day episode `Janma' fails to appeal in the end as the confusion persists.

Amar alias Kanteerava fond son of Raja Rajeshwari run away from the village with his girl friend Prema alias Kaveri. They reach Chennai for shelter and finds Auto Shanker for a small stay temporarily. At this place he encounters a big don and finishes him off when he attempts to rape Prema. The journey in underworld in a big place like Chennai starts for Kanteerava. In the counter attacks he faces Prema goes missing. The elders in the village of both Kanteerava and Kaveri are waiting for return of both. On the other hand somehow Kanteerava reaches Bangalore and Kavery comes to her village.

After a long wait parents of Kanteerava come with Kavery to Bangalore. That day happens to be the last journey of Dr Rajakumar - April 13, 2006. In the major breakout whether Kanteerava meets his parents or not is the issue audiences do not know when Parents of Kanteerava are laid on a burial.

Santosh has to take lessons in acting. He is dull and dry. He has the height. Dialogue delivery he has to give care. Meenakshi is good at places. Sithara showed her ability as a senior actress. Ponnambala and Thalaivasan Vijay are unconvincing. Bullet Prakash comedy strength is not used properly.

Anoop Seelin is the real strength of this film `Janma'. Three are well scored and sung. The badly deserved good job was from cinematography. Two good cameramen - Ananth Urs and Jagadish Wali have individually given good visual treat in the past. There must be some technical snag in the processing of the film it seems.

You can miss this one.

Score 4/10



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