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Jarasandha Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 26, 2011 • Kannada ]
Jarasandha Review
Vijay, Pranitha, Devaraj, Roopa Devi, Rangayana Raghu
Shashank Raj
Uday K Mehta

Chatter box director Shashank is very poor in handling an action based cinema. With the trump card of Dhuniya Vijay the director fails to bring in good story and it is usual run of the film 'snake and ladder' game between police and underworld.

Director Shashank fails to deliver good results in the first half and audiences lose interest with the routine narration and songs interspersed without any intelligent editing and clear thought. In the days of every scene turning absorbing in the other language films director Shashank fails to understand the pulse of commercial cinema. It seems he is fit for making only social based films like Moggina Manasu and Krishnan Love Story. The heckling things in the film are the opening and ending talks between director and Devaraj character. What should be narrated in two sentences the director takes much time and make it tiresome! Shashank should give up the disease of appearing on screen.

The point of criminals are made by the situations is told in this film as 'Criminals are Born'. The 'Fear' one should have in the society is told umpteen times in Kannada films itself.

It takes the entire first half to know what the director is point with the characters. Krishnamurthy alias Kitty (Vijay) referred as `Jarasandha' in the bloody water fight and he claim in the second half that he wants to become a very bad person. In that case why he should make his mother and lover to suffer? With such a high criminal history Kitty fails to be a good human being to his mother and lover.

The target of Kitty and his two friends is JP who is sitting in Dubai and ruling the underworld in Bengaluru. In support of Kitty and his trusted friends is Adhikeshavalu and all of them are running a gym center. The ulterior motive of Kitty is not to become a 'Mr World' in body building. He forms 'Z' gang that becomes a head ache for police and underworld don JP (Sampath).

In the triangular fight Kitty kills JP and his men and he is rounded off by police as his boss Adhikeshavlu deceives him. The end part is kitty with bullet hits escaping to reach Dubai to teach his boss a lesson.

Vijay is banking only his muscles. Either good dialogues or placement to perform is not found in this film. How long can he rely on his physical strength? Almost all the films from 'Dhuniya' showcased his strength.

Pranitha opening wide eyes and remaining beautiful when she closes her mouth is relief at some places. Rangayana Raghu in the combination of Vijay is wasted here by director Shashank. Sampath has lovely voice and he has nothing to perform. Roopa Devi should take retirement. Devaraj looks stern throughout the film.

In this poorly made film the outstanding work comes from music director Arjun Janya and cameraman Shekar Chandru.

Two songs Neerig Baare Channi...and Avarivara Jothe... well sung, written and choreographed for the film. Shekar Chandru hard work in camera is seen in many places.

Score - 4.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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