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Jatta Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, October 12, 2013 • Kannada ]
Jatta Review
Kishore, Sukrutha Wagle, Pavana, Achyuth Kumar, Premkumar, B Suresha and others.
Giriraj Bm
Raajkumar NS , Omkar Movies
Ajay Rao, Ashle-Abilash


A newbie showing so much of dexterity in direction and including variety of topics in the film is rarely found. Giriraj who showed his intelligence in `Naviladavaru' made in just Rs.35000 has come to stay strong in the Kannada cinema field as director.

Except the lengthy dialogues and scissors to lengthy scenes all the contents in his first film are precise, neat and stunning at many places in `Jatta'.

Giriraj with good hold on literature has looked at topics like culture of the country, environment, deceiving tactics, humanity missing, great deeds of colleagues in the forest department, realization for the mistakes, the belief of revenge is only solution - all packed in one film. In addition to it meaningful songs in the background in the film and cameraman literally takes the audience to the dense forest areas to give the experience.

Innocent in the thick forest area `Jatta' (Kishore Kumar) is a workaholic and dedicated. He is driven by the ideology of a local opportunist. Jatta applies the principles he is taught. He gets in to some precarious situations. Jatta locks up ultra modern girl Sagarika (Sukrutha Wagle) who is found unconscious in the village after an accident. The reason behind locking Sagarika is to convert her to principles and discipline her. Sagarika is not an ordinary girl. Instead of taming from Jatta, she tames Jatta. She is so strong and hell bent.

In the remote forest area it is clash of ideologies between Jatta and Sagarika. On the other side Jatta wife Belli (Pavani) arrives to this spot. Further complication is avoided by Jatta when he sends his wife with a city bred lover of her. Where there is no happiness one should not live Jatta says his wife.

In addition to the burning problems for Jatta his boss in the forest Bheemakumar (Premkumar) is very affectionate towards Jatta. He wants to make Jatta employment permanent. He gives up his promotion for the sake of Jatta. Such an officer is shocked when he finds that the missing girl Sagarika is locked in the remote house of Jatta.  Before he finds Sagarika in the safe place Jatta takes law to his hands when encroachers in the forest area come to uproot the `Mother Tree'.

How Sagarika react at the end, what happens to Jatta after killing encroachers - you have to watch it on the screen.

Kishore Kumar and Prem Kumar are brilliant. Both have remained cool headed and dialogues for these two characters are good. Sukrutha Wagle as a terror in this film gives shocking performance. When she is torn of her clothes and left naked she screams and further steals the show. This one film would take her long in the career. Pavani wins for her innocence. The narration of her past to her husband is too lengthy.

The locations selected for this film is one of the redeeming features of the film. The screenplay and dialogue work of director Giriraj are in top order. The background score and one of the songs rightly adjusted to the situation.

Kiran Hampapura capturing the natural locations in the available light plus the isolated house in the thick forest deserves awards.

This one you cannot miss to watch in the theatres.

Score - 8/10




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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