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'Jersey' will have you cry out of joy: Nani

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Jersey will have you cry out of joy: Nani

Natural Star Nani awaits the release of 'Jersey' on April 19.  In this interview, he talks about the film, working with director Gowtam Tinnanuri, heroine Shraddha Srinath, why 'Jersey' is a unique entertainer, 'Gang Leader' and more. 

Purely fictional 

The film is not anybody's biopic.  This one is a fictional story.  Someone wrote it first on social media and everybody else started parroting the view.  

Title justification

The title is not 'Jersey' just because it's the uniform of cricketers.  There is a solid reason behind it.  You will know it when you watch the movie on April 19.  I don't think there will be any comparisons between 'Majili' and 'Jersey'.  I am yet to watch 'Majili', as I have been too busy with shoots and promotional activities.

An honest story-teller

I okayed the script quite fast.  It didn't take me much time to decide on doing the film.  Director Gowtam (Tinnanuri) was too shocked to believe that I okayed the script without taking time.  When he came to me to narrate the script, I saw honesty in his body language.  He didn't make any changes to the script just because someone feels there should be changes.  You will see the director in every frame of the movie.  

Exploring the genre

We have seen films where sports is just a footnote.  We haven't had films like 'Lagaan'.  'Jersey' explores the genre to a great extent.  

Producer was classmate

Producer Vamshi was my classmate.  He used to be a very handsome guy and everyone used to talk to him.  Even though he knows I am his classmate, he calls me, 'Sir'.  To this extent, he is a typical producer.  

A brilliant actress

I had seen a song featuring Shraddha Srinath long ago.  I liked her in it.  She doesn't look like an actress.  She is very believable.  In 'Jersey', you will see only Sara, not Shraddha.  Even where the director failed to convey everything, she gave more than what was expected of her.  

Brush with cricket

I used to play small-time gully cricket as a child.  During school days, I used to be an extra player.  I was never a serious player.  At times, I used to get to play the game only if some other batsman got injured.  I used to think that cricket is about hitting the ball.  By working on 'Jersey', I have got to know the details.  A trainer named Daniel coached me on hitting the ball, etc.  

Exploring father-son sentimentality

The father-son relationship in the movie is its biggest mainstay.  The audience are going to connect with it emotionally.  I am in such a happy zone today that I don't want April 19 to come in a day. I can wait for it.  I had goosebumps while listening to the script.  It was such a beautiful feeling.  There are scenes which will make you cry out of joy.  There are scenes which will make you laugh; you will walk out of the theatre with excitement.   If the trailer has become so popular, it's because of what my character says toward the end about his son.  That's how every father thinks.  

Jersey's child artist is wow

It was a nice experience working with the child artist.  His energy levels are too high.  He used to put so many questions to me.  I would never have an answer to them.  After watching the film, you will remember his face, not mine.  I had great time working with kids on 'Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gadha'.  I had to give the kids cues during a scene.  

Sathyaraj is loyal to cinema

It was an honour to act with Sathyaraj garu.  You won't find him throughout the movie.  At times, he would need to come to Hyderabad to just say a dialogue in a scene and go back to Chennai.  He is as loyal to cinema as Kattappa was in 'Baahubali'.  He never felt bad even when he had just one dialogue during a schedule.  

Cricket ate my weight

I didn't shed my weight for the sake of 'Jersey'.  I ended up losing the weight because of practice sessions.  Working on the film was an emotional experience.  The last day was a really difficult day.  You may find it dramatic but it's true.  

Different films, different genres

As an actor, I want to do all kinds of films.  People will have different comments to make when you do different movies.  I don't okay a film just on the basis of its genre, etc.  It's not enough to have a beautiful idea.  The director should be capable of turning it into a beautiful, 2-hour movie.  

Hit or flop, I keep doing my work

Even when my films flopped, the media didn't make any adverse comments on my performance.  I never have calculations about what will do good for me.  I have done several movies only because I liked them.  I never had any preconceived targets in mind.  'Jhanda Pai Kapiraju', 'Paisaa' and 'Aaha Kalyanam' and no releases for 1.5 years. Then came films like 'Yevade Subrahmanyam'.  It made no difference to me at any point of time, be it hits or flops.  

Don't think too much

There was a time when I used to feel bad when adverse comments used to be made about me.  A media house wrote an article saying that I am headstrong. If we think too much about what others say, we can't survive in the film industry.  

Fascinated by web series

Web series is the future.  Main production houses will produce web series in future, besides films.  I have nothing in mind related to web series as of now. 

Overseas audience love commercial cinema

Even in Overseas, it's pucca commercial movies that work the best.  With Overseas market growing in size, the market of Tollywood has expanded.  It's not like they are accepting experimental films.  

The excitement of FDFS

There was a time when FDFS (First Day First Show) used to be very exciting in the domestic market.  This generation is missing out on that because of the social media commentary following the premiers in the US.  

We are targeting China

We are trying the China market because 'Jersey' is an emotional story.  'Baahubali' tried it before us, but it was a different genre.  We are taking a step with our movie.  Bollywood has been exploring it for years.  

'Gang Leader' is apt

'Gang Leader' is the most apt title for the story.  If anyone feels that the title is not appropriate, we are ready to go for a new title.  There is no controversy regarding the title.  Whatever noise is there, it's there only on social media.  

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