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jigarthanda Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, June 25, 2016 • Kannada ]
jigarthanda Review
Ravi shankar, Rahul, samyutha, Dharma, Chikkanna, sudha kokila
arjun janya

 Title - JIGAR THANDA, Banner 0 SRV and Kichcha Creations, Producers - TS Sathyanarayana, Raghunath, Direction - Shiva Ganesh, Music - Arjun Janya, Cinematography - Jai Anand, Cast - Rahul, Ravishanker, Samyuktha Horanadu, Chikkanna, Dattanna, Mata Guruprasad, Rakshit Shetty and K Manju guest roles.

A remake from Tamil film ‘Jigar Thanda’ retaining the same title in Kannada is an entertainer for mass audience. The classic part of this film brilliant performance from Rahul and Ravishanker. One is cool another is hot. The hot headed underworld don melts down in his attitude. For that the cool headed Rahul is responsible.

The life of an underworld could be reformed even in this way also - the highest scoring point of this film. SRV Pictures with Kichcha Sudeep joint venture have given all requisites for a good entertainment film. The second half has all the ingredients and changeover of a ruffian team to good resolution in life is a welcome step. This is 140 minutes and 03 seconds - 30 minutes pruned from the original film. The production values, artist and technical team have given commendable support ‘Jigar Thanda’.
A very hard nut to crack and at the same time dangerous is Assault Armuga. He has sentenced 48 persons to death from his deadly team. He is the most feared personality. He roars like a lion. Attacks like a Cheetah. In the vicinity of Armuga, it is difficult to get in. Rahul a director aspirant wants to get life sketch of Armugam for his film story. Armugam has fascination to films and when he is told his story is coming as film he is impressed with Rahul and side kick Chikka.

At this environment Rahul falls in love with Lakshmi. On his marriage with Lakshmi, the stand is only after becoming a director. This is not tolerable for Lakshmi. She fixes Rahul when the issue of making a film comes up. Lakshmi observation is that Armuga is right choice for hero spot is a trouble shooter for Rahul. How can I get acting from this ruffian team is his first worry.

Rahul on compulsion agrees but appoint a tutor to the team of Armuga. Even such an effort lands him in a tight spot. He takes his own decision to cast Armugam in the lead.

Of course when the film of Armuga is released, he is shocked. He is shown as a comedian. The people enjoy and film becomes a hit. Yet Armuga is not happy. How he transforms with such a changeover in his career is the climax part of the film.

Ravishanker overtakes everyone in the film from his dialogue delivery, acting potentiality and determination to give a good performance. This is his 50th film and he deserves awards for his performance.

Rahul in his comeback is too good. His looks, smile, silence gets him a brilliant scoring. He is real ‘Thanda’ but thunderous is Ravishanker.

Samyuktha Belawadi face looks swollen compared to her earlier film ‘Oggarane’. She has executed her role with aplomb. All bad buddies with Armugam have done well and they remained precisely to their roles.
Chikkanna, Veena Sunder, Dattanna and the war of words between K Manju and Mata Guruprasad are good value addition to the film.

Arjun Janya background score is loud but his song compositions are delectable. Jai Anand has struggled hard to capture all the moments with great effort.

‘Jigar Thanda’ is a film with variety of moods and moments. The family audience could enjoy it and have fun especially in the second half.

Rating: 4.00 / 5.0

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