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Jilted lover kills girl near OU campus

Thursday, August 9, 2018 • Telugu Comments

In yet another instance of a jilted lover brutally consuming the life of his love interest, an 18-something guy on Tuesday reportedly attacked a 17-year-old girl near the staff quarters in Osmania University.  The place was a secluded one, which is why the killer chose it.  

Anusha, the victim, was an Intermediate student studying in Himayathnagar. She had been pursued for long by Venkatesh, a fellow Intermediate student and a known acquaintance of the murdered girl.  

He confessed his love to her, but when the girl kept on repeatedly spurning his overtures, he concocted a plan to kill her off.  He asked her to see him at the aforementioned forlorn place.  

It's believed by the police that a heated argument took place before Venkatesh wielded a dangerous weapon and mercilessly snuffed out Anusha's life.  Like a consummate sadist, he came out in the open and shouted that he killed off Anusha.  This is when locals assembled at the venue and tried to rescue the victim to no avail.  They nabbed Venkatesh, beat him up and surrendered him to police.