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Jodi Breakers Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 25, 2012 • Hindi ]
Jodi Breakers Review
R Madhavan,Bipasha Basu,Omi Vaidya,Dipannita Sharma,Mrinalini Sharma
Ashwini Chaudhary
Prasar Visions Pvt. Ltd
Salim Sulaiman

Watching 'Jodi Breakers' is akin to watching two films. While first half is about the escapades of a pair who break 'jodis' to earn a living (something that has been conveyed through the promos), the second half is about their endeavour to bring back love in the lives of a pair.

Madhavan plays a Mumbai guy who is happy being a 'kunwara' even though he has lost everything that he had in a hefty post-divorce settlement. With his bunch of friends (led by Omi Vaidya) and a stranger (Bipasha Basu) who is happy to get into a partnership with him, he makes it a business to get unhappy couples divorced. However once the couple pick up the biggest case of their life (to separate Milind Soman and Dipannita Sharma), there are far bigger complexities awaiting them which were entirely unforeseen.

Director Ashwini Chaudhary does a good job as well in ensuring that the first half is indeed racy enough. Right from the time Madhavan announces his entry with 'Kunwara' or the fast one that Bipasha pulls on him; there are smiles that keep up the momentum. In fact Omi also contributes a major chunk with at least a couple of sequences standing out. Whether it is playing Baba Kaamdev or the 'fracture' that he suffers before landing in the hospital, there are fun elements galore. Moreover Pradeep Kharab's (who plays a boxer) sequence is a riot as well.

On the other hand Madhavan too has his share of fun, especially when he jumps out of the closet (well, literally) or is all excited about devising ways to take on Milind/Dipannita in Greece. From playing an overtly sensual woman in most of her outings, Bipasha too transforms herself as a quintessential mainstream heroine and gets into a part where she enjoys comic as well as romantic outing. However the first half too has its little share of lows, especially during the sequences where random couples tell their sob stories or a heart is equated to a bum.

Thankfully though it's the twist at the interval point that totally catches you unaware and takes the film to a different level altogether. Frankly, you don't see that coming and the good part is that it also comes with a right reasoning. The momentum continues post the interval point as well and the second twist is even more surprising (in a positive way) that makes you sit up and notice some good plot change here.

(Spoilers ahead) Unfortunately just when it seemed that the momentum would continue for good from this point on, the entire Helen episode coupled with the return of Milind-Dipannita end up diluting the excitement. Attempts at bringing the couple together, the repeat of vows at the Church, a vomiting being induced end up extending the state of affairs. 'Jodi Breakers' comes back on track though with the song 'Mujhko Teri Zaroorat Hai' which leads to a climax which is just apt.

Madhavan manages a good hold on the scenes here and though not many regular heroes would have agreed to allow such characterisation, especially in the second half, he is quite a sport and allows the director and story teller to take a call. Bipasha too takes a backseat for a brief period here though audience doesn't mind that much. However one does misses Omi's antics in the second half, more so since he had managed to bring on some laughs in the first half of the film.

This means that while the film starts off as a fun and laughs affair, the second half takes a relatively serious and dramatic route. Though this also meant that due to diverse mood in the proceedings, 'Jodi Breakers' may have risked losing it's charm, thankfully the performances, a couple of major twists (in the earlier part of the second half) and then the finale help it cover good ground.

Rating: ***

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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