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Josh Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, April 14, 2009 • Kannada ]
Josh Review
SV Productions
Rakesh, Vishnu, Akshay,Alok, Amith, Jagannath, poorna, Sneha, Chetan, Karihasavaiah, RomaGanesh, Mandya Ramesh, Thulasi Shivamani, Sudha Belawadi
Santosh Babu

Even if the parents and children miss out holidays never mind. But don't miss this kind of film that is touching for both equally. The beauty of director Shivamani is that he holds the attention of family audience right from the first scene. He has caught hold of the pulse of family audience and his research for one and half years plus producer S.V. Babu's talent search and go for this kind of subject is laudable.

The teenage aspirations and parents ambition clash is very often heard in our society. This is a much watch film because the problems and solutions are given in a convincing style. The students can promise their parents that they would be different after watching this film and that is what the parents need most today. The social concepts are kept in mind and made films like this are churned out there is no doubt that we will have a better country.

The student's life from 10th standard, PU level and Degree level the director included in his story is something badly needed. Showing where the youths are going wrong and flaws of parents the film moves on to greater heights. Life is important than Love. Love can wait but time is very precious and it will not come back like any other season focuses the director with lot of good home work is wonderful throughout.

Rocky (Rakesh) is the standing example and an eye opening character in this film. He has fallen in love and his ambition in life is to get someone say `I Love You'. This is shocking to the parents and everyone in the school. When Rakesh and his friends come to college it is Rakesh who delve in to `Ishq' giving up his studies. He loves Meena his co student immensely. Rocky's other friends Amit, Alok, Jagan, Akshay are also naughty but not to the extent of falling in love. Rocky pays penalty when he further deepen his aspiration. Meena parents explain her position in a convincing manner. But Rocky is not ready to accept what his parents say. A good student in school days Rocky loses his track. His life becomes miserable when his friends and Meena forge ahead for professional courses. Rocky now falls in love with Meera (Nithya) but it is one sided. Even after Meera questioning his status and telling him that no girl will come without security and safety Rocky does not mend his ways.

When Rocky father pools up money after superannuation to get a job for his son Rocky misses the interview as Meera has missed her admission ticket to final year examination. He runs to her house to get it for her but he forgets that he should go to interview arranged by his father. It is a futile attempt from last four years for Rocky falling behind Meera as she turn down the offer made by him.

The fury of Rocky father mounts up because all his money he has given as bribe to get a job for his son that cannot come back. Rocky also yells at his father but nothing feasible works out for Rocky. `I have not been a good son, did not make use of college, did not respect parents and I lost my own life' he says on the convocation day while his friends come out in flying colors.

There is pretty good screenplay and dialogues from BA Madhu is well measured and timely. S.V. Babu has taken up the most essential film for the present genre.

Rakesh in his first film steals the show. In three stages he has shown improvisation and he is sure to be the potential hero of tomorrow. Poorna who played the role of Meena is a combination Genelia D'Souza and Tamil actress Meena. The fresh boys selected from talent search have given convincing performance. Thulasi Shivamani, Achyuth Rao and Srinivasa Prabhu and Sudha Belawadi pair given a touching performance. Sharan's comedy is an additional boon.

There is a boneless wonder in this film - Robo Ganesh. His skipping style closing two hands is a thrilling moment. The cinematography by Santosh Rai Pathaje is outstanding and it is surely going to be in contest for awards. The songs of Vardhan are well tuned. Namaskara Sir.. Hey Maga... Than Thane Thane...are written well, scored well and sung well.

Kannada film industry can proudly say that this is the best cinema for the constructive society.

Scoring - 9/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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