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Junglee Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 7, 2009 • Kannada ]
Junglee Review
Rockline Productions
Vijay, AndritaRay, Rangayana Raghu, Adhi Lokesh, Sureschandra, Megabhagavatar,Kashi, Jaidev, Balu, Naveen, Shobaraj
Rockline Venkatesh

After a moderate hit like 'Bombaat', Rockline Venkatesh production aims at the masses in 'Junglee'. Packed with action, romance, crisp dialogues and a tinge of message to the society 'Junglee' is an action feast for the fans of actor Vijay of 'Dhuniya' fame.

Vijay looks like yesteryear Tiger Prabhakar in his muscular strength and fights ferociously in action scenes that look very natural. The six packs he has developed especially for this film is a real treat. The beautiful Andrita Ray and Rangayana Raghu make this film 'Paisa Vasool' venture.

Shambulinga alias Junglee (Vijay) has the intentions of becoming a villain in the cinema world. He goes behind Gudde Narasimha to get an opportunity in films but destiny has a different plan. When Junglee is brought to the big don Swamy he is given the job to drive the car of Swamy's son. The opponent gang looking for don Swamy's son attacks but Junglee saves the boy with his ability. Junglee becomes like a son to Swamy and he has no turning back in life. He heads the big underworld team and attacks counter attacks become common to him. He even gives up his intention of acting in the films. On the soft side of the film, Junglee is bowled over by Padma (Andrita Ray). As usual Padma wants Junglee to renounce arms to marry her. But the director wants an end to rowdy terror. Junglee puts down everyone and goes behind the bar.

Vijay has a new crown of Black Cobra from this film but instead he fights like a tiger or cheetah. The speedy dialogue delivery by the actor is also interesting and impressive. Andrita Ray the good performed with fine looks is daring in a rain song. She is a heroine to watch in the upcoming Kannada films. Rangayana Raghu excellence in dialogue delivery deserves applause.

Harikrishna gives three lovely tunes for this film. Hale Paper is very racy. The costumes lighting for this song is special. After 'Satya Hegde', this is the screen stealer No 2 for Vijay.

Worth dekko for action lovers!

Scoring 7/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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