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Kaana Kombathu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, June 28, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Kaana Kombathu Review
Vinod Krishnan, Deepu Santh, Sanker Narayanan
Dr. Leena Prasanna
Mohan Sithara

Coming from the likes of Madhu Muttam, expectations were quite high, at least in the case of script lines, when planning to see the new movie 'Kaanakombathu'. But it turned out that it was the scripts that faltered first and then only was the debutante's direction. With some clueless amalgamation of sequences, 'Kaanakombathu' fails to sustain the interest that it generates through the promotions, pretending to be a love story, then a thriller  a whodunit later, a suspense drama in between and ends up as something else altogether.
The movie which starts off like a thriller has the heroine Mydhili running away from a gang of villains. She  accidentally gets into the same seat of the hero Balu (Vinod Kishen), who is travelling on a bus to an highrange city to make a fake passport. Though Balu gets beaten by the baddies who is after the girl, he manages to help her escape from them. Even after repeated questioning by Balu, our heroine denies answering who is she and where she is up to. In the course of journey, Balu suddenly get s a message 'Your time is up, come back' and he deserts the heroine midway and joins his gang of three, including Sameer(Deepushanth) and Jose(Vinay Fort), who are residing in a lakeside resort, having every kind of merriment's and making life of other occupants of the place dejected.It is still after a hour from here that we realise these computer engineers to be the members of an international tech savvy terrorist group, who are planning to destroy enemies with the 'magnetic pulsar' developed by the' threesome'.

The movie has plenty of incidents that don't gel finely with the proceedings. It leaves so many questions unanswered that, you actually wonder what was the writer thinking when he penned this script? The social message against the drug mafia, coming in the form of a cameo of Manoj K Jayan as a campaigner by the name Sidharth, looks monotonous and is hardly captivating. Though the first half moves at a brisk pace, it looks disjointed [several questions have been left unanswered!], while the second half is boring, with the focus shifting to too many things before finally zeroing on the medical mafia. One only expects Madhu muttam and the director to come up with a much better second hour, but you feel frustrated after a point, with the climax pictured like the child game in a poorly staged chroma and graphics, ruining the impact of the plot, if any.
In the acting side, Vinod Kishen needs to groom himself completely before he faces the camera next while Deepushanth is disastrous in his debut. Vinay Fort looks dependable, though he has to be little more careful with his dubbing.  Mythili looks beautiful and carries the film on her delicate shoulders in the former half, somehow managing not to get raped this time in the later half (as all her characters in her previous films). And as usual, Suraj venjaaramoodu tends to go overboard .
The camera side by Aanandhakuttan is pretty ordinary and so is the other technical aspects. The director, Mahadevan has injected more than a couple of songs by Mohan Sithara, into the narrative. Though at least two numbers are decent, they only make the proceedings lengthier.
On the whole, 'Kaanakombathu' falls below the ordinary mark. At the box-office, with a sunny weekend with plenty of good looking films coming up, don't expect much!

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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